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In the WHITE PART of the page you can :

read my “essays”

You have my latest text before your eyes.

To read the preceding ones bring the scrolling bar down. The same topic is sometimes covered successively over several chapters.  To begin with chapter 1 scroll down to it and then go up to chapter two and so on...

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About us :

Here we introduce ourselves.


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The Categories 

It gives a list of the different aspects of the life of the blog.

1 ) How to use this blog


2) The index

It gives you a list of symbols and indicates the date of publication where you will find them explained in relation with the dream where they appear.


3 ) The list of the different topics exposed on the blog


4) The journal of the blog

We will  present various news concerning the blog, our activities and our interventions in the medias.


5) How to get a consultation for a dream interpretation  


Recent  essays  

Under this heading the recent dream studies and interventions are listed.  Click on a title to have acces to the corresponding text.


Your comments

Read your different comments


The Archives 

Click to find all the texts gathered per month through one year.


My Links

Here is the link with my French website and my blog and also links that I recommend.



My two books, published only in French are presented here. You will also find several books in English that I recommend.


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