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Christiane Riedel


Hello! I invite you to discover The Blog of Dreams”.

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Allow me a short introduction. I entered in the dream world in 1976, thanks to members and researchers of the ARE, the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach, USA. Dreams and their interpretation became my passion. 

After 30 years of working with the dreams, I opened my French blog thirteen years ago, in January 2007. So I have since presented on it hundreds of dream interpretations. I have explained how to proceed in order to decipher the dream’s message, teaching dream interpretation on the web.

Experience has taught me in fact how helpful dreams can be to guide and counsel us in our daily life.

However, until 2011, this work done to promote the value of the dream realm and the dream interpretation remained only in French.

Then, in 2008, I made several conferences in Montreal, Canada, and one in the frame of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.



In Montreal I met Judith Saint-Laurent who attended to my conferences. She has been my student for a few years, working with me by skyping or phone, and attending my summer dreams seminars in France.

Following my project of attending the next IASD Congress in Netherlands in June 2011, Judith has begun to translate in English my conferences for the Congress. 


Then I asked her if she would also accept translating my French Blog into English. And generously she accepted this huge workload !

And so, thanks to Judith, the first English version of my blog was born and we called it : The Blog of Dreams by Christiane and Judith.

I have had a pleasant surprise on the dream path, which I want to share with you. Scott Sparrow, now Board member at the IASD, was head of research at the ARE, the Edgar Cayce Foundation, when, 35 years ago, I  began to learn dream interpretation reading his books and those written by the staff of researchers.

What a small world !


Judith - Copie.JPGHi, I’m Judith, the first translator of Christiane’s work (blog articles from 2011 to 2013). 

I gladly accepted this project because, years ago, having read her first book (1996) I had thought what a privilege it would be to work with her. Her knowledge impressed me. I became a pupil of hers, wanting to pursue my training in dream interpretation.

I hope reading this blog will enable you to start practising by yourself and increasingly understand your dreams.

I’m happy to create this blog with Christiane, because I know how meaningful dreams are and that we can all benefit from the wisdom they dispense.

Happy dreaming ! 




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Hi! I'm Marianne, the second translator of Christiane's work (blog articles starting from 2020).

I am a German teacher here in France. I have been interested in dreams since childhood, because I am a sleepwalker, which led to many funny situations! Although I have always been very impressed by the power of dreams, I only discovered recently (in 2015) that dreams have a meaning and a message.

In March 2020, I started studying dream interpretation with Christiane Riedel after reading her book Ces rêves qui vous protègent et vous guérissent (These dreams that protect and heal you). I realised that this approach would allow me to bring together many of my passions: text analysis, translation (but this time not from German to French, but from dream symbols to words), my interest in psychology, my desire to help others who confide in me and my search for the Divine.

I am now very happy to translate Christiane's blog articles into English, because I think that her meticulous work can be useful to many people around the world!

It is a great joy for me to present my translations to you.

In the passion for dreams I am friendly yours,



Dear “dream friendly” readers, along the dream path, we came across your e-mail address. If you enjoy our blog, please let your friends know or send us their e-mail address, so that they will also receive our newsletter. The free subscription can be deleted at any time with a click in the blog, in the blue part on the left  at “Newsletter”.

Marianne and I are very happy to communicate with you through these pages. We hope you will have as much pleasure reading our blog as we have had while writing and translating this research on dreams and their interpretations.

Welcome to our blog. We hope you’ll enjoy it and benefit from it. We wish you much fun and wonder.  

See you soon 


Christiane and Marianne


P.S.   We welcome your feedback.





I have first explained to you how to proceed to interpret personally your dream images by yourself. I will regularly continue doing it with dream examples, giving you from time to time a “lesson” in dream interpretation. That way you will be better equipped to understand how I interpret the dreams on our blog. You will also be ready to start trying to understand by yourself the images of your dreams and always more.


At first (blog articles from 2011 to 2013) you find :

The dream “Miki and her old buddy” followed by :

Lesson # 1 : “How to interpret the image of a man in a dream

Then you find :

The little book on dream incubation:

Ch. 1:  What is dream incubation ?

Ch. 2:  How to proceed for dream incubation ?

Ch. 3:  What answer is given to Irina, by her dream, after the incubation ?

Ch. 4:  Irina’s new incubation and her new dream’s answer.

Ch. 5:  Incubation in the ancient civilisations of Antiquity.

Ch. 6:  Incubation among the early Christian people.

Ch. 7:  Helena’s dream on the limit of the incubation.

Ch. 8:  Without incubation what can Helena do ? Such a useless dream !

Ch. 9:  What does the unconscious think about dream incubation ?

Ch 10: When the unconscious refuses to answer a dream incubation…

Ch 11: A question addressed to the dreams themselves : What are the dreams ?

Ch 12: Tonight a dream has come to me…


All kinds of topics and images, which have already been analysed and explained in the French blog, will gradually be presented to you in English.

Have a look at the index of symbols and the list of topics exposed on our blog!







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The star Moncerotis  V8 38, photographed by the US naval Observatory

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