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Dear blog friends,

Today, I would like to share with you the great happiness I have just experienced.

This great happiness is in fact a great surprise. Wait... you will be amazed! But no more than I am! And I didn't receive just one surprise, they all followed each other and I was delighted!

First surprise:

In the course of December, when I was passionately translating for you the studies on the correspondence between the inner psychic world of the unconscious and the outer world of matter, the dreams all of a sudden showed me that I could present myself as a dream interpreter, yes, that I could begin to interpret dreams. Oh!

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Second surprise:

The unconscious has sent me immediately a dreamer who brought me her dream. How about that! Amazing!

christiane riedel,marianne schertenleib,dream interpretation,marianne schertenleib dream interpreter,dream interview method,gayle delaney,mean,anger,pregnant,pregnant woman,defending oneself,being mean,alchemy

Third surprise :

The message of the dream left me stunned.

You know, for years, Christiane has been trying to show that dreams invite us to behave in a way that is the opposite of what we think is right. On pages and pages, articles and articles, she has given proof of this.

But all her assurance, all her demonstrations, with dreams to back them up, have always left me a little sceptical. Indeed, it seems obvious to me, as to you surely, that certain behaviours are necessary: being kind, understanding, patient, not judging people, that is part of our education!

Yes, well, damn it! Now a dream has come to me that proves Christiane's point. And it's the first dream I've had to interpret in my career as a dream interpreter!

The dream is not lacking in humour!

christiane riedel,marianne schertenleib,dream interpretation,marianne schertenleib dream interpreter,dream interview method,gayle delaney,mean,anger,pregnant,pregnant woman,defending oneself,being mean,alchemy

Fortunately Christiane had warned me, otherwise I would have been unable to understand this dream.
Let me have the pleasure to tell you about my adventure and to introduce you first to the person who received this dream:

Tania is a beautiful young woman, a real ray of sunshine for all those who are lucky enough to meet her. At work, she is always smiling and welcoming, full of energy and joie de vivre. She receives with deep empathy the confidences of everyone. Thanks to her, the big company in which she works is more welcoming and humane.

On the morning of December 16th, Tania woke up with a dream that surprised her. Here it is:


I dreamt about my sister-in-law.
She was pregnant.

femme enceinte au divan rouge johanne molaison.jpg

That morning she first asked her mother what the dream might mean. She answered that the dream might be premonitory and that her sister-in-law might be pregnant... Mmmh.... This hypothesis left Tania sceptical. Is the character in the dream external or internal? Like everyone else, Tania's mother thought that the character in the dream was an external character. We'll see what it is.

Remembering that I study the interpretation of dreams, the dreamer called me.

In the course of our interview, I elucidated the meaning of the dream symbols using a remarkable method, which is constantly proving its effectiveness and accuracy: the dream interview method. It was created in the 1970s by the American Gayle Delaney (1), a doctor in clinical psychology. Following Gayle Delaney, Christiane has spread this technique in France, she has often explained it to you on the blog (2), and following Christiane, I also pass it on to you. This method is very rigorous and makes it possible to interpret a dream outside of any prior interpretation grid and any dictionary of symbols. Instead, the interpreter tailors the interpretation to suit the individual.

How to proceed with this technique?

For each symbol, I collect the dreamer's personal associations, and I ask her the following two questions each time:

1) If the symbol is a person I ask the question: Who is it?
If the symbol is an object, a place, an action, I ask the question: What is it?

I carefully note down the answer. Then I move on to the second question:

2) For a person I ask: What is she like?
For an object, a place, an action, I ask: What is it like?

Now let's see what Tania told me about the images of her dream:

- Your sister-in-law (I already know who she is), what is she like?

- Do you really want to know? Can I be frank? She's mean! She didn't want me to go to my brother's wedding! She didn't even tell me why! I think she's jealous, because I was very close to my brother before. She did everything she could to keep him and me apart.

Let's recap:

- So your sister-in-law is mean... She brutally imposes her will.

I asked Tania:

- Do you agree?

- Yes!

Then I had to link the symbol to Tania's daily life. Very often, the dream comes to comment on the events of the day before.

So I asked Tania the fundamental question that we will find again and again:

- What does it remind you of, yesterday, inside or outside of you, a way of being mean?

The answer came without hesitation:

- But it reminds me of the email I sent yesterday to my colleagues at work! At the moment, it's hell at work, nothing's going well. So I gathered all my courage and I explained in this email everything that was wrong! I got things straight! And believe me, I didn't mince my words!

This little analysis gave us a first hypothesis of the meaning of the image.

- So your sister-in-law would represent the one in you who was mean in writing this email.

Let's check if this hypothesis is right:

- By writing this email, did you do AS your sister-in-law did, you brutally imposed your will, you opposed your colleagues, just as your sister-in-law opposed you about your brother's wedding?

- Oh yes!

Meaning of the symbol:

So Tania behaved like her sister-in-law. We have checked that the comparison is correct, so our assumption is correct and we can be sure that the sister-in-law in the dream represents Tania.

Let's now look at the second symbol of the dream:

The sister-in-law was pregnant.

ventre-femme-enceinte-de-face Philippe Flohic.jpg

- Tania, being pregnant, what is it?

- It's when you're expecting a baby! It's bringing a new life! I can tell you about it, I gave birth eight months ago!

- So tell me, what is it like to be pregnant ?

- It's like spring: everything is new, you start a new page of life.

épanouie Adéline Albert.jpg

But how hard it is! Very hard! It's also a leap into the unknown, it's scary.

Let's recapitulate now:

- Being pregnant means preparing oneself to bring something new into the world. And it's hard, it's a leap into the unknown, it's scary. What does it remind you of, yesterday, inside or outside of you, preparing oneself to bring something new into the world?

- I hope this email I sent will make a difference.

- Was it hard? Was it a leap into the unknown that scared you?

- Yes, it was! I was wondering if I had been right to write this message, if I hadn't gone too far. It's not in my nature to write this kind of things. Usually I'm very discreet, and when I don't like something, I keep it to myself. But this was impossible, it was out of bounds! I was very harsh, you know, I surprised myself!

We have just checked the accuracy of the interpretation.

I took over the interpretation with Tania :

- Your mean sister-in-law is pregnant, so this mean attitude you had while writing this mail will bring something new! This message will bear fruit, it will have an effect!

- Ah but it's true! Well, this morning, following this email, I had an interview with my colleagues and it turns out that I won my case!

- So the dream came to reassure you about it, because it was hard to write this email, like pregnancy, it was a leap into the unknown that frightened you. You had a lot of doubts.


The dream warns you that this way of being mean, of defending yourself ferociously is fruitful, it brings about changes that are beneficial for you. It reminds you of the importance of thumping your fist on the table to assert yourself when necessary.

- I will remember it! I feel full of energy, said Tania, with a smile in her voice. It brightens up my day! Thank you!

Dear blog friends, this was a short dream with a very clear message.

I hope it will encourage you to bare fangs too when the time comes, to defend yourselves fiercely against those who go too far and take advantage of your kindness. A "mean" attitude can be fruitful, with excellent consequences for the benefit of those around you!

roi lion alex makwana.jpg

And if you were too mean, don't be afraid, a dream will come to warn you that you have gone too far!

If I hadn't already received for myself dreams that advised me to get angry, I wouldn't have been able to understand Tania's dream. It plunges us into alchemy, the cursed and saving therapy. The dream asks us to broaden our range of behaviour and adapt it to the circumstances. Sometimes, what is bad is precisely what is good!

And how happy we are when we express our anger, when we are fair and true to ourselves!

This, dear blog friends, is the theme of the studies that is now emerging: anger.

A reality that will surprise many, a reality that will relieve many others, a reality of rare therapeutic power for all.

See you next time!

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This article was first published on the French blog on 21 January 2021:
L'attitude féconde n'est pas forcément celle que vous croyez



(1) You will read with interest All About Dreams (1998) by Gayle Delaney, Ph.D.
You can also read the interview method explained on Dr Gayle Delaney's website: How to conduct a dream interview

(2) To practice the dream interview method:

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I would like to thank the artists who enabled me to illustrate this article:

Blue-eyed surprised woman: Cool Wallpapers

Surprised woman with orange background: Nikolas Lukash

Surprised woman with yellow background: https://www.istockphoto.com

Pregnant woman on the red couch: Johanne Molaison

Pregnant belly: Philippe Flohic

"Épanouie", radiant pregnant woman: Adéline Albert

Roaring lion: Petr Ganaj

King Lion (pregnant belly painting) : Alex Makwana

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