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As you have seen in the preceding text, seeking advice from one’s dreams has been a universal practice. With Irina’s dreams I have given you examples of answers given by dreams. However it happens sometimes that the answer is ambiguous or that the dream gives no answer at all.

This is what happened to Helena. Here is the dream she received last week. Helena will soon be turning forty, she is a mother and since a few days she knows she is pregnant. She is wondering whether she’ll keep the baby or not. She wants to and she doesn’t want to.

On the one hand she feels a motherly desire, she loves children and family.


la fileuse.jpg


But on the other hand she feels like a woman who, arriving at mid-life, would like to realize another type of project in view of self-realization. She feels like going out, living for herself a bit, finding new, pleasant activities and meeting friends.

She is torn between accepting this pregnancy or not.

Once it is yes, and then it is no.


la faucheuse.jpg


 She is tormented and decides to ask her dream if she should keep the baby or not.

 A very serious question, an oppressive task for the interpreter…….courageous. Let us see the dream.

Sarkozy’s son   

I have a son, his father is Sarkozy, the president of France. My son is a young man, strong and sturdy, very interesting and very reasonable.

imagesCAK1T0CC.jpgBetween us there is a great understanding and a respectful complicity.

He asks me if I have accomplished what I wanted in my life.

I answer :

- No, it’s not easy. I add that it’s never too late and that maybe I…

He smiles at me and tells me that I can share my thoughts with him.

I feel great strength, a real support emanating from him.  I wake up feeling happy.




Here are Helena’s answers during the interview.

I have a strong, sturdy, interesting and reasonable son. 

Helena doesn’t have such a son in reality, so this one represents a strength, a way to assert oneself that she has developed over the years.  She possesses the qualities underlined by the dream.


He is Sarkozy’s son      

It would be ridiculous, absurd to think that Helena fantasizes about the President, no, the dream indicates that this inner strength was the result of adopting the same values as him, as a way of living.


About Sarkozy


We are talking about Helena’s Sarkozy, of the personal image that she has of this man. This is not political, it concerns an interior dynamism of hers. So we must ask her the “interview” question :

- Helena, what is Sarkozy for you, what is he like?                                                      

- I love what Sarkozy says, we share the same values : order, work. I appreciate the fact he wants to sanction the trouble makers. I love his strength and his humanity, he has the courage to say out loud what others think but never express.

sarkozy[1].jpgimagesCAK08NV1.jpgSo this description defines an aspect of Helena’s nature which has common points with Sarkozy, as she sees him.




He asks me if I have accomplished what I wanted in my life.

Crucial question ! By this the dream asks the young woman to question herself on the meaning of her life and to take stock of it. Following this she could look inside and decide whether or not she will keep the baby.


I answer no, it’s not easy.  I add that it’s never too late and that maybe I…

Helena doesn’t complete her sentence, she keeps the rest to herself. This attitude shows that there are aspects in her that she doesn’t want to admit to herself, that she doesn’t want to look at.



 My son smiles at me and tells me that I can share my thoughts with him.

This strength which is part of her and also larger than her invites her to be authentic, to do like his father Sarkozy, to “have the courage to say out loud what others think but don’t express.”





What is the dream doing?  It’s asking her to dare to be truly herself.                    

Is that a direct answer to her question? 

No, the dream doesn’t answer, it leaves Helena with her own decision, it allows her the freedom of choice.  The answer concerning the decision of keeping the baby or not will spring up when she dares to be herself.


I feel great strength, a real support emanating from him.

The dream shows that, whatever the solution, Helena will have the needed strength to face up to it.


I wake up feeling happy.

She feels happy because now she knows that she is free, that whatever the outcome she will live as she wants because she knows that this inner strength will not fail her.





So this dream is an example of the limits of incubation.  Yes, the unconscious is benevolent but we must not expect everything from it.  We must exercise our own judgment, our will power and our freedom. If we asked the unconscious to dictate our behavior, we would be like machines. To expect all the answers from our dreams would be infantile abdication of our responsibility for our own life.  The unconscious guides us toward our independence, it encourages us to exercise our freedom of choice and to live the experiences that our choices have brought forth. Practicing incubation profusely won’t lead to maturity, on the contrary.


avec le rêve.jpg



I thank the  French artist Mrs Anne Marie Volodos who permits me to illustrate our blog with her paintings.


Clotho :



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Jason Lewis : people.plurielles.fr

Le grand Bleu by Mme Anne Marie Volodos



  • If this were my dream, I'd see it as a go-ahead for the baby. I would see me as capable of raising a splendid son, imbued with the traits that I admire (symbolized by the presidential father.) It would mean delaying some of my other aspirations (admitting that I so far hadn't done everything that I intended.) In fact, I might change my mind on some of my goals. ("It's never to late to..." the dream leaves open what it's never too late to do.) But in fact, if I accept this delay, I might have an ally later, in my child; this might not be literal, but more along the lines of children providing an added incentive to succeed, and possibly someone to carry on after I die, either by inheriting the fruits of my labors, or continuing them after me.

    I will admit that my own Catholicism might bias my perception of this dream. Which is why using the "if it were my dream" formula is always a good idea.

  • Hi Dolores, it's Judith, the translator of the blog of dreams. It's nice to get your comments, it's encouraging to see that there are people out there with an interest and perhaps even some who will find a personal benefit from our work. I'm enjoying doing this. Keep on reading and commenting...
    Best regards Judith

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