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    CH 5 : The death of a loved one

    In the preceding texts, I presented two dreams: one giving a warning about a physical cancer putting the body at risk, the other warned of a moral cancer gnawing at the dreamer’s spirit and soul. 

    I compared  the two dreams, and I showed you how to differentiate between a dream that is premonitory and one that isn’t. I explained how to distinguish whether the alert designates a physical, material danger or rather a symbolic one. 

    Let us underline that the symbolic message isn’t of a lesser importance, even if the dreamer often considers it as such.


    I now will pursue this exposé on premonitory dreams with some dreams that really inspire fear, because they announce the death of a close one.

    So today I will recount dreams that talk about a real death. 

    There are many excellent studies on the subject.  One of the best research has been made by the famous scientific Camille Flammarion, ( 1842-1925).  So my first example is taken from his book titled  “La Mort et son Mystère” : “Death and its Mystery”, (1921).



    1) This is about a perfectly level headed, rather skeptical territorial judge and land administrator in Russia in 1894. 

    In the evening he goes home where he lives with his mother.  He finds her quietly playing cards with friends.  After wishing her a good night, he goes to bed.

    He says:

    “- The next morning I woke up in a cold sweat, shaking from the terrifying dream that had assailed me…

    Dream :

    I clearly saw my mother approach my bed. She kissed me on the forehead and said:

    - Farewells, I’m dying, I’m dying !”



    I was about to get up and go to my mother’s room when I heard a big commotion in the house, people were running.  My mother’s maid rushes into my room, in tears and screaming:

    - Sir, the Mistress has just died !

    Her death was caused by an aneurysm : crushing congestion.”

    la croix et la solitude.jpg


    We find similar testimonies everywhere. It’s up to you to forge your own opinion. 

    2) Now I will choose an example taken from my own experience and report the story that one of my students told me.

    When I was teaching (I’m now retired) every year I would ask that my students write a paper on the following subject: “Tell us about a dream that made an impression on you.”

    Here’s what one of my pupils wrote:

    “ Last year when I was still in primary school, one morning I woke up distressed. I had just had a terrible nightmare. 

    Dream :

    In my dream I saw me just awakened.  As usual I went to say hello to my grand mother and kiss her. So in the dream, I was going to walk through the living room to reach grand mother’s bedroom.  I went into the living room and in the middle of it I saw a big bulk.  It was a big box. Horrified, I knew that it was a coffin, in which my grandmother was lying.

    I burst into tears and all of a sudden, I saw my grandmother get up and get out of her coffin with ease.  She came towards me, took me in her arms and held me tenderly against her.

    With an affectionate and comforting voice she told me :

    “Don’t cry, it’s a farce !

    Tendresse Eugène carrière.jpg


    On those words I woke up crying.

    I ran into my grandmother’s room whom I found as joyous and alert as usual.

    Reassured, I left for school after breakfast.  After morning classes I went home for lunch and, when I came in, my mother told me that my grandmother had died.”


    What can I tell you?  There’s nothing to interpret.  I can only ascertain the bad joke.  The latter is usually for laughs but in this case it what an odious, macabre farce.

    The young girl didn’t take her dream negatively.   Very simply she told me:

    “- I understood that death was a bad trick, that it’s not for real.  I understood that my dream was telling me that, in reality, my grandmother was still alive, even though I couldn’t see her anymore.”



    There is nothing to interpret. I’m only telling the story.

    3) Now let me tell you what happened to me. 

    I was sixteen and my mother had died a few weeks earlier.  She had had a brain cancer and had been operated on. As the tumor had severely affected her brain, following the operation she could neither speak nor move.  Paralyzed and mute, she died three months later.

    Blake 5.jpg


    Soon after, one night I dreamt :

    I was in an unknown bedroom.  I could see my mother covered with sheets lying in bed. I was crying. Suddenly, to my astonishment I saw my mother move. She sat up in bed. 

    Completely disturbed I told myself :

    - It’s impossible :

    First, my mother was paralyzed, so she can’t be moving.

    Second, she’s dead, so she really can’t be moving.

    Bewildered, I then saw my mother set her two feet on the floor, get up and start walking. 

    I was flabbergasted and repeated the same reasoning:

    - It’s impossible :

    First, my mother was paralyzed so she can’t be moving.

    Second, she’s dead, so she really can’t be moving.

    Then I saw her coming towards me with opened arms and she said laughing :

    - Christiane !  I’m alive, I’m alive !

    For me, life after death became evident.

    blake résurrection.jpg



    The dreams that I have spoken about don’t need interpretation. They speak for themselves. They happen very frequently and you will find people who have had dreams with such messages in your entourage. 

    Next time I will present similar dreams that are not premonitory on the concrete level but symbolic.


    La Bocca Della Verità in Roma.

    North Star by Alfons Mucha, Czech Art nouveau painter, 1860-1939

    Camille Flammarion : 1842-1925

    Madame Eugène Carrière by the French painter Eugène Carrière, 1849-1906

    The Cross in Solitude by the American painter Thomas Cole, 1801-1848

    Love by Eugène Carrière :

    Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty by the English painter and poet William Blake, 1757-1827

    Resurrection by William Blake






    In the preceding studies about premonitory dreams, we have seen two dreams warning two women, Francis and  Patricia, of cancer.

    Let’s review the dreams.

    dream interpretation,premonitory dream,Christiane Riedel,Judith St-Laurentdream of cancer


    Francis’ : (Refer to the text of “Premonitory dreams”, ch.1, of 04 19 2012)

     “ One evening, I got home after a routine check-up with my gynecologist.

    Everything was fine.  Three days later I left on vacation.

    During the night I woke up in a sweat.

    I had just dreamt that I had cancer in my left breast, in a very precise spot.

    It was impossible to fall back to sleep.

    At 9 the next morning I immediately requested a mammography.

    Verdict : breast cancer, undetectable through palpation.

    Three days later I was operated on.

    This dream saved my life.”

    Francis’ dream prooved to be a true premonitory dream. She did have a breast tumor.

    dream interpretation,premonitory dream,Christiane Riedel,Judith St-Laurentdream of cancer

    2 )

    Patricia’s : (Refer to the text “ Patricia’s brain tumor, ch.3, of 05 29 2012)

    Last night I dreamt I had a brain tumor. 

    Patricia dreamt of a brain tumor and the warning was symbolic.

    The day before Patricia had been overwhelmed by hate for her husband. She understood that all her resentment, her negative thoughts were the equivalent of malevolent cells, which like a brain tumor were threatening her.

    As she said, she was invaded, devoured by destructive thoughts, which were undermining her, ruining her life.”

    dream interpretation,premonitory dream,Christiane Riedel,Judith St-Laurentdream of cancer



    What is it that allows me to establish the distinction and say whether the warning of Patricia’s dream has a concrete or a symbolic meaning ?

    I am able to draw the conclusion thanks to the methodical analysis of the dream.

    Working with the dreamer I looked at her dream,

    dream interpretation,premonitory dream,Christiane Riedel,Judith St-Laurentdream of cancer


    and I established carefully the link between the dream’s image and the previous day’s events.


    I would give the following advice in working with this type of dream and say :

    "We can consider the dream at face value in the external life and say :

    Your dream seems to be clear and would not need any interpretation, as in Francis’ case. It may really be a premonitory dream. In this case you would have to react accordingly.

    But we must not exclude the possibility that your dream has a symbolic interior meaning and we have to verify this hypothesis.

    In Patricia’s case the dream said :

    “Be careful, your situation is alarming, it’s AS IF you had a brain tumor”.

    dream interpretation,premonitory dream,Christiane Riedel,Judith St-Laurentdream of cancer


    Finally :

    After a careful analysis of the dream, if the symbolic interpretation doesn’t make any sense, come back to the first consideration and take the dream at face value in the external life and choose what you want to do.

    It happens most of the time that working seriously with the dreamer, making the link with her interior life permits to establish that the dream has a symbolic meaning.



    I think it is important to compare the two preceding dreams using 3 keys :

    -1) Ask the question  : What happened the day before ?

    The day before her dream Francis had just seen her gynecologist who after palpation didn’t notice any anomaly, or tumor.  As for Patricia, she did not have any medical examinations.


    2 ) Examine the precision of the details given in the dream :

    Francis’ premonitory dream establishes an in depth diagnosis and indicates with great precision the location of the tumor that the gynecologist could not detect.  There’s no such thing in Patricia’s case where the dream gives only a general indication, without details.


    3) Take into consideration the emotional state during and after the dream

    The third key is the all important element, which permits us to establish the difference between a premonitory dream and a non premonitory one.

    - In Francis’ case the dreamer was overwhelmed by her dream, she awakened in a sweat and could not get back to sleep.  She was so tormented that she immediately set up an appointment for a mammography.

    dream interpretation,premonitory dream,Christiane Riedel,Judith St-Laurentdream of cancer


    - Patricia’s reactions were less intense. The dream intrigued her without causing real anguish. But she nonetheless took her dream very seriously and immediately called me. In such a case, searching for help from a dream interpreter is indispensable. Thanks to the analysis we made, Patricia understood that her dream was talking about her harmful attitude and state of mind.



    So 3 characteristics seem to allow us to say that the dream warns us of concrete danger in the exterior world :

    1) Nothing in our life on the preceding day justifies the image of the dream.

    2)In the case of a premonitory dream the details given are usually very precise.

    3) Physical and emotional reactions are intense : sweat, insomnia, anguish and feeling upset.

    We must keep these indications in mind because in due time they are the ones that will allow us to say whether the dream is a warning pertaining to the physical world or whether the dream has a symbolic signification pertaining to the psychic world.

    But in any case, the seriousness of the situation remains the same.


    dream interpretation,premonitory dream,Christiane Riedel,Judith St-Laurentdream of cancer




    I thank the artist for their paintings.

    Crab : conseilslucbodin.com

    Cancer, by Salvador Dali

    Cancer illness by Salvator Dali

    Forgotten sunglasses by Vladimir Kush

    3 keys : ?

    Brain : Vladimir Kush: islands of memory

    Face : Vladimir Kush

    Dream catcher by Vladimir Kush