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    Hi, dear blog friends !


    It has been a long time, nine months, since I have not put any text on my English blog.

    I have to tell you first a sad new : Judith Saint-Laurent, our Canadian translator, won’t translate anymore. I am really sorry.

    However Judith had already translated all my studies on premonitory dreams. So now I can go on.

    I thank Judith from the bottom of my heart for all her translation works.

    Now, I would ask you to forgive me for any mistake in English.


    There are also a lot of good news : as I have already mentioned to you, it seems that French people are getting increasingly interested in dreams.

    In fact I am quite busy with more and more activities.

    - I continue leading my dream school and teaching my students :

    - So, I created and lead 2 intensive dream interpretation seminars in summer, each lasting 5 days. That was a huge work.


    - I also lead 5 week-end seminars on several topics. It has been again a huge work.



    - Consultations and writing for my French blog, all that keeps me very busy too.

    - In January I was invited by the radio ADO FM for the programme : “Bob tells you all the truth.” I interpreted live dreams. There were hundreds of calls.

    People were so glad that Bob invited me again in February.




    And at last but not at least I now have a grand son, Djaidy. I am so much fond of the little boy, he also takes me a lot of time ! What a joyful new !




    Next time I will continue on the subject of premonitory dreams, and talk you about dreams announcing the death of a loved one.



    Summer seminar during 5 days, here with the Canadian Judith, the Pole Ewa and me.

    Workshop at home : Coffee time , an expresso, Jean Louis and Bruno in my kitchen.

    Broadcast at ADO FM with Bob.

    The little boy