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Last year we started our blog of dreams studying the subject on dream incubation, which we continued in details over 13 chapters. Now in the following chapters we will deal with the subject of premonitory dreams.

First what is a premonitory dream ? Let’s have a brief look at etymology :

The adjective “premonitory” has its origin in the Latin verb “monere” which means to warn.  The added prefix “pre” means before, so premonitory means to forewarn.


According to the dictionary, a premonition is an unexplainable warning, a thought, a feeling, of mysterious origin, that imposes itself to our consciousness and reveals an event before it happens. But the dictionary forgets to mention dreams aside to thoughts and feelings.

inspiration 3.jpg

Personally, as Edgar Cayce said it, I consider that all dreams contain premonitory elements, images that inform the dreamers of happy or unhappy coming events and prepare them to face up to them. 

A premonitory dream can point to an impending event. It can also unveil a later event, which will come about in a few months, a year or even many years later.

Let’s begin with a dream which forewarns of a danger, as is often the case. In this example the dream is an urgent alarm. I read it in a French woman’s periodical where readers were invited to tell the most bizarre thing that ever happened to them.

Francis told her story :

“ One evening, I got home after a routine check-up with my gynecologist.

cancer du ein.jpg

Everything was fine. During the night I woke up in a sweat.

I had just dreamt that I had cancer in my left breast, in a very precise spot.

It was impossible to fall back to sleep.

At 9 the next morning I immediately requested a mammography.


Verdict : breast cancer, undetectable through palpation.

Three days later I was operated on. This dream saved my life.”

This dream needs no interpretation.

We receive warning dreams of all kinds every night. They are often as clear as Francis’ dream.  We will encounter this again in the next chapters. 




La Bocca Della Verità in Roma.

Inspiration by Michel Castan

Morning star by Alfons Mucha, Czech Art nouveau painter, 1860-1939

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