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Is dream incubation only a vestige of absurd and superstitious rituals that only bears meaning for populations who live at the antipodes of the western world?

Well no! 

Since the sixties dream incubation has been brought back to the forefront by American dream researchers.  It has convinced and conquered those who have practiced it and it is spreading widely among those who are interested in their dreams and seek a dialogue with their interior world, with their unconscious.


 Throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe all researchers recommend its use and recognize its merits. 

Incubation is a very simple and efficient venture.

Here, I ‘m offering a summary of the procedure. ( See below* for more explanations)


All that is needed is that you ask your dream for guidance.

For example, writing a letter to your dream you can ask :


Dear dream:

- Can you give me explanations about my current life situation ?

Or :

- Can you show me how I can better my relationship with my father ?


You can ask whatever you want. Here are the 3 questions Nathalie, one of my friends, asked the dream the first time she made an incubation.

femme rêveuse-modif2.jpg

reveuse-modif 2.jpg


rêveuse-modif 3.jpg

Of course she got an answer ! We will see it an other time.


However, the best is to limit yourself to one question at a time. You can finish your letter by saying, please give me a clear answer.

Slide the envelope under your pillow and sleep tight.



parure-lit.jpgQui êtes vous.JPG   













It seems ridiculous?  incredible?  Try it, you’ll be astounded.                         

The next day, you’ll have a dream and you might say: this dream has nothing to do with my question!       

Please don’t put aside your dream because of this reason. In your bed, concentrate on the dream, don’t move your head otherwise the dream will be lost, dreams being so ephemeral.

If you are in a hurry, first note the main points and powerful images and later on you can write your whole dream including all the details since they are all significant. 


Then try to understand your dream in regards to the question you have asked.

Try to train with the interview method to analyze a person in your dream.

Or seek the help of a competent interpreter. You’ll be astonished !              

Countless people have been helped in this way.


Next time we will see quite a story, and discover how the dream answers Irina’s question.



* For more detailed explanations I recommend Ryan Hurd’s excellent booklet : “Enhance your dream life”.


 Just click on the book cover on our blog, and click again on the same book cover on Scott Sparrow’s website. You can  download the booklet for free. Read it, it is easy and efficient.




pensante 2.jpg

I thank the artists and photographers whose works permit me to illustrate my blog


LOL! I rather like the idea of being absurd and superstitious, but no, you're right, the science behind a dream incubation is solid. It's sort of a self-hypnosis, that the unconscious mind wants to respond to much more than from some outside hypnotist.

More than half of the dreams I've incubated have seemed so ridiculously unrelated that I almost didn't record them--but given later thought they gave me exactly the answer I needed.

In one case, being Catholic, I incubated a dream asking, "What do I need to purify from myself this Lent?" That night I dreamed that my husband and I watched a new kind of television that projected the imagery all around us, like stepping into the picture. Most of the drama involved great fear, people bracing themselves for the invasion of the Great Tyrant and his minions. But when the Tyrant arrived, although he did his best to look dashingly evil, he rode on this absurd little bitty donkey, and his minions turned out to be javalinas in hats! (In the United States, javalinas are sort of like wild boars of the desert.) They wore all kinds: a top hat, a frilly bonnet, a fez, a tweed cap, etc. I could hardly stop laughing! Then I got up and stepped behind the projection machine, and behind the picture. I found behind the machine a sharp shard of what looked like an old-fashioned glass record-disc. A dark, toxic substance smeared it. I thought, "I had better pick this up before it hurts the children." End of Dream.

I had no idea what it meant when I first woke up, but later it became obvious to me. The ridiculous tyrant trying to look important was the devil, and the javalinas were all of the rude, piggy, smelly sins of my life, dressed up in different hats as different roles, as though to confuse me and make me think they were many different things. But when I stepped behind all of my projections onto others that just confused the issue, I found a "broken record" (American colloquialism for repeating the same thing tediously) covered with toxic material. An antique record could also refer to holding onto old resentments. From this projected all other sin, both my own and in what I saw (mistakenly) in others. So I spent that Lent concentrating on letting go of the past.

Posted by: Dolores Jean Nurss | 02/16/2011

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