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CH 5 : The death of a loved one

In the preceding texts, I presented two dreams: one giving a warning about a physical cancer putting the body at risk, the other warned of a moral cancer gnawing at the dreamer’s spirit and soul. 

I compared  the two dreams, and I showed you how to differentiate between a dream that is premonitory and one that isn’t. I explained how to distinguish whether the alert designates a physical, material danger or rather a symbolic one. 

Let us underline that the symbolic message isn’t of a lesser importance, even if the dreamer often considers it as such.


I now will pursue this exposé on premonitory dreams with some dreams that really inspire fear, because they announce the death of a close one.

So today I will recount dreams that talk about a real death. 

There are many excellent studies on the subject.  One of the best research has been made by the famous scientific Camille Flammarion, ( 1842-1925).  So my first example is taken from his book titled  “La Mort et son Mystère” : “Death and its Mystery”, (1921).



1) This is about a perfectly level headed, rather skeptical territorial judge and land administrator in Russia in 1894. 

In the evening he goes home where he lives with his mother.  He finds her quietly playing cards with friends.  After wishing her a good night, he goes to bed.

He says:

“- The next morning I woke up in a cold sweat, shaking from the terrifying dream that had assailed me…

Dream :

I clearly saw my mother approach my bed. She kissed me on the forehead and said:

- Farewells, I’m dying, I’m dying !”



I was about to get up and go to my mother’s room when I heard a big commotion in the house, people were running.  My mother’s maid rushes into my room, in tears and screaming:

- Sir, the Mistress has just died !

Her death was caused by an aneurysm : crushing congestion.”

la croix et la solitude.jpg


We find similar testimonies everywhere. It’s up to you to forge your own opinion. 

2) Now I will choose an example taken from my own experience and report the story that one of my students told me.

When I was teaching (I’m now retired) every year I would ask that my students write a paper on the following subject: “Tell us about a dream that made an impression on you.”

Here’s what one of my pupils wrote:

“ Last year when I was still in primary school, one morning I woke up distressed. I had just had a terrible nightmare. 

Dream :

In my dream I saw me just awakened.  As usual I went to say hello to my grand mother and kiss her. So in the dream, I was going to walk through the living room to reach grand mother’s bedroom.  I went into the living room and in the middle of it I saw a big bulk.  It was a big box. Horrified, I knew that it was a coffin, in which my grandmother was lying.

I burst into tears and all of a sudden, I saw my grandmother get up and get out of her coffin with ease.  She came towards me, took me in her arms and held me tenderly against her.

With an affectionate and comforting voice she told me :

“Don’t cry, it’s a farce !

Tendresse Eugène carrière.jpg


On those words I woke up crying.

I ran into my grandmother’s room whom I found as joyous and alert as usual.

Reassured, I left for school after breakfast.  After morning classes I went home for lunch and, when I came in, my mother told me that my grandmother had died.”


What can I tell you?  There’s nothing to interpret.  I can only ascertain the bad joke.  The latter is usually for laughs but in this case it what an odious, macabre farce.

The young girl didn’t take her dream negatively.   Very simply she told me:

“- I understood that death was a bad trick, that it’s not for real.  I understood that my dream was telling me that, in reality, my grandmother was still alive, even though I couldn’t see her anymore.”



There is nothing to interpret. I’m only telling the story.

3) Now let me tell you what happened to me. 

I was sixteen and my mother had died a few weeks earlier.  She had had a brain cancer and had been operated on. As the tumor had severely affected her brain, following the operation she could neither speak nor move.  Paralyzed and mute, she died three months later.

Blake 5.jpg


Soon after, one night I dreamt :

I was in an unknown bedroom.  I could see my mother covered with sheets lying in bed. I was crying. Suddenly, to my astonishment I saw my mother move. She sat up in bed. 

Completely disturbed I told myself :

- It’s impossible :

First, my mother was paralyzed, so she can’t be moving.

Second, she’s dead, so she really can’t be moving.

Bewildered, I then saw my mother set her two feet on the floor, get up and start walking. 

I was flabbergasted and repeated the same reasoning:

- It’s impossible :

First, my mother was paralyzed so she can’t be moving.

Second, she’s dead, so she really can’t be moving.

Then I saw her coming towards me with opened arms and she said laughing :

- Christiane !  I’m alive, I’m alive !

For me, life after death became evident.

blake résurrection.jpg



The dreams that I have spoken about don’t need interpretation. They speak for themselves. They happen very frequently and you will find people who have had dreams with such messages in your entourage. 

Next time I will present similar dreams that are not premonitory on the concrete level but symbolic.


La Bocca Della Verità in Roma.

North Star by Alfons Mucha, Czech Art nouveau painter, 1860-1939

Camille Flammarion : 1842-1925

Madame Eugène Carrière by the French painter Eugène Carrière, 1849-1906

The Cross in Solitude by the American painter Thomas Cole, 1801-1848

Love by Eugène Carrière :

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty by the English painter and poet William Blake, 1757-1827

Resurrection by William Blake






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dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent



Nativity by Octavo Ocampo





Last time we saw how Sylvia is intrigued by her dreams. They know everything of her life, the past, the future and they protect her night after night against the dangers of the life.

So she finally asks her dreams : What are dreams ? Here is the dream she got :



Driving my car, I arrive in front of a church.  Mathilda is there waiting for me out front below the stairs.  I step out of the car, she comes towards me with an outreaching hand and having got hold of mine, she takes me into the church.



Driving my car, I arrive

Sylvia has a car, which indicates that she has a fast and comfortable way of going forward in life.

We should note that a car rides on roads built for this purpose, that indicates that the dreamer easily goes forward in life on pre-established pathways same as everyone else. She is not part of those who advance slowly on foot, searching for their own way, surmounting the obstacles of the individual path.




I arrive in front of a church

This young woman is not particularly interested in spirituality. She has vaguely heard about Christ, the crucifixion, mass, communion and the Holy Spirit.  For her the church is a building that was erected to greet the divine, to allow everyone to listen within where one can meet Him .


église 2.JPG

But in her everyday life Sylvia doesn’t go to church, so the church of her dream does not speak about the external church, but about an interior place.


So what does this mean in regards to the question asked : what are dreams?

Dreams are her interior church where she can meet the divinity and commune with It.

That’s all ! …

She got an immediate, clear, simple and direct answer.


But for the time, Sylvia has not yet entered this sacred place. She just arrives in front of this opportunity.




Mathilda is waiting for me below the stairs

Mathilda is her dream interpreter. She is aware of this dimension and is waiting for the dreamer to let her discover the interior reality.


I get out of my car

However, before being introduced, initiated, Sylvia must get out of her car, give up her habit of following pre-established ways to go forward.

How that ? She must set her two feet BELOW, DOWN on the ground, be more humble, walk by her own means to meet the dream interpreter.

Only with this humility she will be able to go UPstairs into the sacred place.


Mathilda comes towards me with an outreaching hand


Here the dream insists, it presents to the dreamer the interpreter who offers her help and support. It emphasizes that it is with her, thanks to her that Sylvia will be able to enter the dream path.



Having got hold of my hand she takes me into the church.

Mathilda, the interpreter then brings the young woman into her inner church, into her dreamworld within which the divine resides.



So, Sylvia had asked the incubation question : What are dreams?

Her dream answered:

Dreams are the interior church where the sacred encounter between human and divine unfolds.  That’s why dreams are all-knowing, that’s why they are so wise and clairvoyant.  



Surprising?  Perhaps. 


Not really, for what have all the old societies preceding us on earth said ? Didn’t they all declare that the dream is the natural channel through which the human soul meets the divine?


Everywhere one finds the widespread affirmation that dreams give access to another level of consciousness, which surpasses the conscious and grants knowledge that it would not have access to on its own.

Scientifically today we call this other level of consciousness the unconscious.

It is a question of vocabulary of course but we must know how others understand that word.  Cultures who differ from ours consider that the unconscious, this other level of consciousness to which dreams give access to, is that of divine forces. That’s how they name it.


In preceding texts I have shown you that in Antiquity, for all, whether they be Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Jews, or Africans the divine spoke through dreams, whether he was called Yahweh, God or Aesculapius, Jupiter…  And I didn’t speak yet of the Indians of the Americas and of others throughout the world. For them the unconscious is the expression of the divine dimension.

Sylvia’s dream says the same thing: the dream is the moment of encounter with an interior force, which proves a wisdom beyond our understanding.


dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint laurent,incubation,divine in the dream,church


What can the rational say? Could scientific reason be brought to recognize that as far as dreams are concerned it finds itself faced with a dimension with its own laws the rational does not know about, and which extends beyond its competency?

Could reason accept that rational means have attained their limits regarding the unconscious?  Then, logically and rigorously reason would declare that it can’t say anything except that it finds itself facing a hyper-rational dimension.

That would be honest !





I thank the artists for their illustrations listed in order of their presentation :


Evening at Antiquity, 1908, by the French painter Alphonse Osbert, 1857-1939.


Pilgrim in a Rocky Valley, 1820,  by the German artist Carl Gustav Carus

The Cathedral, by the German artist Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840)

The Cathedral, by the German artist Friedrich Schinkel (1781-1841)

Hand in hand : liloo.citations.skyrock.com

Mystery of the Nignt, by Alphone Osbert

Moonlight, 1896, by the French artist Alphonse Osbert, 1857-1939







Sylvia is lucky, her friend Mathilda is one of the dream interpreters I have trained and so Sylvia often asks her to analyze her dreams…, and following this she has been encountering some intriguing experiences.


dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint laurent,dream incubation,incubation:what are dreams

For example how could Mathilda know that Sylvia had forgotten to take her pill ?  Mathilda didn’t know but the dream she interpreted knew it and came immediately to warn the dreamer of her omission.

Did Mathilda know the future when, following the interpretation of a dream, she suggested that her friend leave her boyfriend Bernard before he leaves her ?

Mathilda does see into the future, but the dream does :


Sylvia dreams :

I see a beautiful blond woman in a swimming pool. I suddenly see her being “take from behind” by her boyfriend and she leaves immediately after.


dream, dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint laurent,dream incubation,incubation:what are dreams , 


Mathilda warns Sylvia, represented by the beautiful blond, that Bernard is going to play behind her back, probably dump her for another woman. Sylvia should leave him immediately before he leaves her.


And what happens ?

Sylvia doesn’t listen to her dream, she is in love and wants to stay with her boyfriend. Two weeks later she faces the humiliating fact that he has preferred to share his bed with another girl.


dream, dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint laurent,dream incubation,incubation:what are dreams ,

Now let’s again consider the “benevolence” of dreams

Sylvia is unhappy at work and wants to quit her job. She would like to have a dream to guide her, but she knows that Mathilda is absent at that time, so she could not interpret it. Sylvia wonders what she should do. So she asks for a short, clear, simple dream that she can understand on her own. 

Her question is :

- Tomorrow, should I tell my boss that I want to quit ?


Her dream

All night Sylvia hears the famous German singer Lafee singing her disco song “Shut up, shut up, shut up!”


dream, dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint laurent,dream incubation,incubation:what are dreams , 


So she understands that she shouldn’t say anything !


So, the next day Sylvia doesn’t say anything. In the afternoon her boss tells her that the company is closing shop for two weeks and the employees will be on put on paid vacation. Having not been with the company long enough to warrant this, Sylvia is nonetheless given a paid vacation like all the others.  If she had quit, she would not have gotten this “bonus”.  She quit after her vacation.


How about that !  How can dreams know?

It’s too much” how they know past and future !  It’s really amazing how they prove to be right  !

Sylvia then decides to ask her dreams a question :

- What are dreams?


We will see the answer next time.

Meanwhile do you remember Nathalie’s incubation (Chapter 2; 02/16/ 2011) :  She made the same inquiry as Sylvia. She was so astonished by her dreams that she asked them several questions one night.

- My dreams, who are you ?

- Is it God answering in dreams ?

- And even does  God exist ? 

dream, dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint laurent,dream incubation,incubation:what are dreams ,  


I thank the artists for their illustrations listed in order of their presentation :

Blond woman : sosuneterrienneendetresse.centerblog.net

Greatly vexed : sosuneterrienneendetresse.centerblog.net

?  : lunettesrouge.blog.lemonde.fr




Who is the “other”?

How to decipher the meaning of a person in a dream ?


Dreams have the surprising habit of telling you what no one knows, what no one dares to tell you, and also what you don’t necessarily want to hear.  Throughout your nights, with patience and benevolence they show you the different facets that exist within you, all your different ways of being.


dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent,gayle delaney, dream interview method,meaning of a person  


To make you aware of that, dreams will tell you: “Look inside yourself, you are LIKE Mr.X or Mrs.Y, whom you know in the exterior world.  You have the qualities or faults that you attribute to them”.

Only you don’t know it.  But your interior world knows and wants to make you aware of it. 

Indeed it is in your best interest to get to know these unrecognized aspects of yourself to harmonize them and to realize your full potential as well as your life realization.


dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent,gayle delaney, dream interview method,meaning of a person dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent,gayle delaney, dream interview method,meaning of a person  

 So, when you study a dream you must first know that most often, the persons in the dream are facets of yourself.  While in most cases they are describing you, it occasionally happens that these persons represent the corresponding person in the exterior world.


dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent,gayle delaney, dream interview method,meaning of a person     dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent,gayle delaney, dream interview method,meaning of a person

In another coming lesson, I will explain how to know if the image of your dream is personifying an interior aspect of yourself or an exterior person.                                                   


I emphasize that every time, for every  person in the dream, you will have to study the image with the interview technique in order to know exactly what the dream is talking about.

That is the way to proceed regarding the image in your dream.  A more thorough and comprehensive explanation of this method can be found in Gail Delaney’s books featured on my blog.


A certain state of mind

It is important to approach a dream with a certain state of mind :

- accepting that you have the solution and that with a bit of attention you’ll  find it.

- accepting that you will make the required extra effort rather than consulting a readymade dream analysis book or a catalogue of symbols. 

- accepting to refrain from reverting to astrology or tarot cards etc. to interpret your dream.  Indeed the dream itself gives you messages that are much more precise, personal and adequate if one deciphers it.


dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent,gayle delaney, dream interview method,meaning of a person   dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent,gayle delaney, dream interview method,meaning of a person  


Interpreting a dream is not a matter of divination, or pseudo intuition, it is a scientific research, requiring rigorous and honest reflection and logical analysis. Only by working in this manner can you be sure of the result.




The Dream Interview Method 

Here, I propose to you a practice of this method. You will be the interpreter and the dreamer, both asking the questions and answering them. And it works ! Of course it is much more pleasant if somebody else is leading the interview.


Dream example : Rita, a 45 year old woman, a mother, sees a woman in her dream, Mrs. X.

dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent,gayle delaney, dream interview method,meaning of a person

1) We must proceed with the interview and ask questions


Question 1: WHO is Mrs. X?

Answer: She is my neighbor.  She lives across the street.

Advice: Don’t let yourself get caught up in endless descriptions. Take the first three associations which came to the dreamer’s mind,  three sentences are sufficient.


Question 2 : HOW is Mrs. X ?

Answer : She’s a very active, intelligent woman, who takes good care of her children, but she’s an awful neighbor.  I always have the impression that she’s watching everyone, she has a tendency to be nosy and to get involved in other people’s business.


dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent,gayle delaney, dream interview method,meaning of a person

Advice :You must note the associations and descriptions given, with great care leaving nothing aside.Here again, being a beginner at interpretation, limit yourself to a maximum of 3 or 4 sentences.




2) Do the recapitulation

Take the answers given to questions 1 and 2.  Give preference to the abstract answers.  Limit yourself to 3 sentences. Use only the dreamer' own words.

Example of a recapitulation : Mrs. X is an intelligent woman, but is inclined to be nosy and get involved in other people’s business.




3) Establishing the link with everyday life

Ask the following question : looking inside or outside yourself what does following description remind you of : “an intelligent woman who is inclined to be nosy and get involved in other people’s business” ?

 The dreamer will think about it.

She says : On the outside it is Mrs. X.


dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent,gayle delaney, dream interview method,meaning of a person  

How about inside the dreamer ?  I ask Rita if Mrs. X could represent a particular behavior, an aspect of her own personality that she is not really aware of ?






4) The dreamer answers this question and finds the meaning of the image.

When I asked that last question, Rita remembered that, the day before that dream, she had rummaged through her teenage son’s pockets and read a letter that was addressed to him. 


dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent,gayle delaney, dream interview method,meaning of a person


She had done that self righteously, thinking that her behavior was that of a responsible mother concerned with her son’s welfare.


dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent,gayle delaney, dream interview method,meaning of a person   

But her interior world doesn’t see the situation in the same manner and comes to express its opinion in the night. Rita understood why the dream showed her the image of the nosy neighbor.  Indeed she had behaved like Mrs. X, and the dream showed her that that was detestable.


dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent,gayle delaney, dream interview method,meaning of a person




Remember :

Most of the time, with the image of another person, the dream is revealing a facet of the dreamer himself, that he or she is not conscious of.

Take note that I said : most of the time but not always.




5) Proceed to verifications, this is imperative.                                                                            

We don’t end our investigation at the fourth step of the method. It is not sufficient to have found the interpretation  made by the dreamer. Only by making verifications can you be sure that the meaning found is adequate. The verifications give proof of the validity of the interpretation.

I reiterate that I firmly oppose “esoteric” ways of interpreting dreams which can lead to so many errors and abuses, that Napoleon in the 19th century had even passed a law forbidding dream interpretation and fortune telling, in order to protect the public from trickery.

Getting back to our dream, it is still indispensable to check if all that has been said about the neighbor can also be said about the dreamer.

For this, one must go over every sentence covering the different points of the description and ask:

- Are you also an intelligent woman ? 

- Active ? 

- Do you take good care of your children ? 

- On occasion are you too curious ? 

- Do you have a tendency to watch everybody ?


If one of these points isn’t suitable, then the meaning found for the symbol " Mrs. X " is wrong.  In that case one must redo the whole interview and the dreamer must be very honest with herself.


If the different elements of the description suit both the dreamer and Mrs. X, then you have found the signification of the symbol.


Remember :


It is through rigorous and honest verifications that one can establish if the dream points to an exterior or an interior person.

Dreams don’t always express criticism, far from it, they can equally reveal unrecognized positive aspects of the personality.





6) Apply the message in our everyday life                                                           

It is useless to decipher a dream if one is not willing to accept and apply its indications.

Rita quickly understood the reproach of her dream and from then on abstained from giving in to her “nosy inclination”.  Her son appreciated the respect she showed towards him.


dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent,gayle delaney, dream interview method,meaning of a person



I thank all the artists and photographers whose works permit me to illustrate my blog.

Symbols catalog : dreams : luckymojo.com

Tarot dream interpretation : ravenmoonlight.com

Woman at work : natureacive.fr

Nude woman in a veil, by the French artist Enjolras, 1857-1945, interencheres.com

Stressed woman : papillesetpupilles.fr

Woman playing violoncello by the French artist Jacqueline Hubert : http:// www.jacqueline-hubert.com

The neighbor : Harriet Samson Harris, purepeople.com

The nosy neighbor : Felicia Tilman, tvqc.com

Harriet Samson Harris, desperate housewife, episode39.fr

Lettre d’amour :blog.fille.com

Harriet Samson Harris, sharetv.org

Jean Baptiste Maunier in the film “ The Choristers”

Jean Baptiste Maunier : teemix.aufeminin.com





In the preceding pages I have introduced you to dream incubation. This practice permits us to receive from the unconscious information that the conscious is unable to have access to.

I showed you how this practice is still valid today as in the ancient times and how to proceed.

Last time, with Irina’s example we saw how her dream answered her and showed her that the lover she was thinking of was not a good prospect.

So again she asks what she could do to meet a suitable partner.

dream,dream incubation,dream interpretation,cat,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent

The dream gives her  new and surprising information.  Let’s have a look at this second dream. 



My sister Eva shows me a building where she goes to feed a cat.  Every time she arrives, he rushes towards her. 

I show Eva a pretty bra which I have just bought. But I notice that the cat is slipping away.  My sister says I have to bring him back.


This dream is absurd ! The images don’t seem to have any connection from one to another.

However, let’s see the interpretation and look at the different symbols :



She’s Irina’s sister, she’s assertive and knows what she wants.  She is very independent and hates constraints. 

dream,dream incubation,dream interpretation,cat,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent

dream,dream incubation,dream interpretation,cat,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent


Eva represents Irina’s single woman aspect.  Any beau that approaches her is made to understand that she doesn’t want a one night stand but that she doesn’t want a relationship where she would be subservient either.  She is looking for a loving relationship without constraints based solely on the pleasure of being together when possible.





A building 

For the dreamer it’s where the occupants share common habits.

Irina hopes that the dream will show her how to find a suitable partner.

Following the interview technique, now I have to ask what this description reminds her of, in regards to her incubation question.

So I proceed very methodically and say :

- Having asked your dream how to find a suitable partner, what does a building, where the occupants share common habits remind you of ?

- Oh ! says Irina, that reminds me of the singles club where I go regularly.


A cat

For Irina, this animal is an independent male who goes out at night to hunt or chase a “beauty”.  Isn’t that the description of a man?... So the dream, through its symbolism, is  talking about a man, whom Irina  knows well and meets regularly.  Who is this man ?

dream,dream incubation,dream interpretation,cat,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurentdream,dream incubation,dream interpretation,cat,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurentdream,dream incubation,dream interpretation,cat,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent 




Now, is the dream giving more precise details ?




She goes to feed this cat.         

What does she feed him with ?  

dream,dream incubation,dream interpretation,cat,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent 

With flesh?  Who is this man with whom there is contact of the flesh?

Among the many men she dances with at the club, who is the man the dream is singling out ? Let’s examine the next image :  


Every time she arrives, the cat rushes towards her.

 - I see, Irina cries out, that’s Frank.  He always comes to get me when he sees me.  He’d like me to go out with him, but I'm not really attracted to him.

Let’s go through the verifications:  is this man independent?  He sure is.          

So why does this independent man rush to meet her ?  Because she is also independent and he knows that she’s not the “you and me forever” type. 

-  But, remarks Irina, another man also rushes towards me, it’s Stephan.

Frank ? Stephan ?



dream,dream incubation,dream interpretation,cat,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent

dream,dream incubation,dream interpretation,cat,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent



We haven’t got a clear answer yet. So let’s see if the following part of the dream gives us more precise clues.         





I show Eva a pretty bra which I have just bought 

 A bra enhances the breasts.


It allows a woman to use her power of seduction, it gives a charming glimpse at feminine eroticism.

dream,dream incubation,dream interpretation,cat,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent

- As a matter of fact, Irina adds, lately I’ve changed, I’ve bought new outfits, less sober, much more sexy.                                                                    

And so the dream underlines the efforts made by our dreamer to seduce the men around her. 

Irina bursts out in a joyous, refreshing laughter and says:

- You know, Christiane, I am quite popular !



I notice that the cat is slipping away. 

Well, while the pretty woman is savoring her popularity with one and the other, all of a sudden the tomcat is running off.     

Is it Frank or could it be Stephan?

- Ah! It’s true, says Irina ! Frank is turning away from me because I haven’t responded to his advances. 

And what does the dream say?                                                                               


My sister Eva says I have to bring him back.

Well there we are !

Eva, the woman who knows what she wants gives this advice.

-Gosh ! says Irina. Frank ? I would have preferred someone else.  He’s not bad but it’s not love at first sight.

 Yes, but the dream considers Frank a real male, an instinctive virile man, this is quite different from insect infested branches as in the preceding dream. 

dream,dream incubation,dream interpretation,cat,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent

Maybe Irina should remember that she wants enjoyable sexual relations and therefore change her point of view.

Well, now we have the indications of the dream.  They are not what Irina expected but they bring something new.  Irina doesn’t know everything, perhaps her view is limited to the surface, the appearances.

- Listen, she says, Christiane, I’ve been working with you interpreting my dreams for a couple of months and everything you’ve told me concerning them has been so exact.  If I had listened to them, I would have avoided lots of trouble. So I’ll see, I’ll go and meet him.


But she has to hurry, he’s taking off.       

dream,dream incubation,dream interpretation,cat,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent




You will find the text in french on the french blog

http://christiane-riedel.blogspirit, 12 May 2007, (05 10 2007)



I thank the artists and photographers, whose works permit me to illustrate my blog.

Laughing cat : maxcrabouif.zeblog.com

Cat : fond-ecran-image.com

Cat : pixfr.eu

Cat : naturailes.org

Bra :cannnes.olx.fr







In the preceding text, we saw how to make an incubation. Now let us see how the dream answers Irina’s question.

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Irina is in the habit of asking her dreams for guidance. She is a pretty, single woman in her fifties, who would like to be in a loving relationship. She doesn’t want to live full time with the partner, but wishes to share with him pleasurable week-ends and vacations.

She has just met Julian, whom she likes and asks her dream if he would be a suitable mate.

She receives a dream : 
 I went to fetch tree branches; I see myself flying at the top of a tree taking some branches. 


dream,dream incubation, dream interpretation,Christiane Riedel,Judith Saint-Laurent,branches,sexual realtion,ants, creeping insectsI bring them back and lay them in my parents’ backyard.  They yell out to move them away, for hardly had I laid them on the ground, that ants and other creeping insects came out of them.




 This image : Irina flying in the air, is indicating that Irina has merged with the realm of ideas, the domain of thoughts. She is thinking of the possibility of a relationship with Julian.


She takes some branches.

 For Irina, what is a branch?

 She answers: a branch is connected to a trunk, it is fragile, it is a natural elongated growth.

dream,dream incubation, dream interpretation,Christiane Riedel,Judith Saint-Laurent,branches,sexual realtion,ants, creeping insects  Keeping in mind the incubation question, I recapitulate her description and ask her :

 - Irina, when you are thinking of a relationship with Julian, what does an elongated fragile growth that is connected to a trunk remind you of?


dream,dream incubation, dream interpretation,Christiane Riedel,Judith Saint-Laurent,branches,sexual realtion,ants, creeping insects

  - Oh !You are implying that it corresponds to the male genitals?

 - I’m not implying anything, I’m just reformulating your description.

We agree that it follows logically, that the tree branches represent this man’s erections.

So, the dream directly addresses Irina’s question. 

It says :

- You want to know if an intimate relationship with Julian would suit you ?  Well, let’s look what will happen.

The dream gives indication in the 2 following scenes :


1) I bring the branches back and lay them in my parents’ backyard.

dream,dream incubation, dream interpretation,Christiane Riedel,Judith Saint-Laurent,branches,sexual realtion,ants, creeping insectsIf she enters into a relationship with this man, it will occur within a frame resembling her parents’ relationship :

 Irina cried out :

 -“Oh! but I don’t want that, my father was sweet but he was a wimp and my mother had to take responsibility for everything. She didn’t have a life of her own.  Ok, I understand.


What does the second scene show ?

2 The parents yell out to move the branches away.

Despite this awareness, if Irina decided to live with Julian, she’d immediately have to move aside the branches … that is, remove herself from contact with his penis. That means to give up on sexual relations.  Why?

The dream indicates the reason in the following image.


Ants and other creeping insects are coming out of the branches

dream,dream incubation, dream interpretation,Christiane Riedel,Judith Saint-Laurent,branches,sexual realtion,ants, creeping insectsdream,dream incubation, dream interpretation,Christiane Riedel,Judith Saint-Laurent,branches,sexual realtion,ants, creeping insects   




The ants and creeping insects indicate reactions of the nervous system over which we have no control.   

These are physical swarming reactions, vague and unpleasant sensations which disgust and causes one to flee.

With these images the dream describes what Irina will experience in the sexual relation with Julian.

The dream points to a “malaise”, a disgust, an irritation of the senses.  A sexual encounter with this man would be ill-advised, the sexual relation would be frustrating for Irina. This man will immediately get on her nerves.

Irina is quite upset.  She understands her dream and accepts the warning, but she thought that Julian was not so bad. Whatever, she won’t go further with him.

After this dream, Irina, is very disappointed.

But she has just had another dream, which pertains to the same question.                  

Next time we will discover what dreams have in store for Irina.

dream,dream incubation,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint-laurent,branches,sexual realtion,ants,creeping insects

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Dream incubation is asking the dream to give you a solution to a problem. It is a timeless practice all over the world.

Let’s start with some contemporary examples.

Lately on ARTE TV*, I was watching a very interesting program on ginseng (jin shen) meaning “root man” because of its’ vaguely human shape. The value of this beneficial root constitutes a growing source of income for the South Korean economy. ginseng_2.jpg


It is increasingly known and imported by the western world for its numerous health benefits, and it is very expensive! The real  ginseng is harvested primarily in Korea, ( Jinan) making it an important asset for their economy.





The wild ginseng is very rare and more expensive than gold, however it is not easily found. These roots develop totally hidden underground with nothing showing on the surface.

What is the link with the dream incubation ?

The peasants, thanks to a dream incubation, know how to find these roots in a secret location in the mountain.


  They put their tents up on a spot for a week or more. The day before beginning their search, with respect they repeat their ancestors’ ritual of purification by bathing in the river. Then at a chosen location they erect an altar and light candles. There they deposit offerings to the “god of the mountain”: cloth to dress him, a pig’s head, beautiful fruit and other appetizing foods.


In prayer, they bow before the god and they ask to be given a dream that will show them where the roots are located underground.  Then after bowing repetitively they retire to their tents to sleep and dream. 

 2ginseng02[1].jpg2ginseng03[1].jpgmontagne de corée.jpg  







What a pleasant surprise ! 

There they were, filmed by an ethnologist and the ARTE crew, people who to this day still practice what men have been doing for thousands of years… incubating a dream or showing how one prepares himself to dream.


This is not only the case in Korea ; in China also incubating dreams is still practiced today as it was in the old days. Then the Chinese used to go to temples where they asked and received inspirations and instructions. It was even considered an obligation for the dignitaries and rulers to go there officially to seek advice from dreams as to the affairs of the state.

Hardly imaginable nowadays. Can you imagine our politicians incubating a dream?

In China today, a pilgrimage to get counseling from dreams still exists. This reputable place is called « The Stones and Bamboos Mountain ».


 An individual comes to ask and receive a message from the gods as to the appropriate behavior to adopt in his situation; another comes for a diagnosis or even seeking information on the appropriate treatment for his ailment.  All come with the intention of following their true destiny, wishing to add breadth to their lives. So, pilgrims still come to consult dreams on all kinds of subjects.


Does that practice still only exist there, at the other end of the world ?

Soon I will tell you.





 You will find this article on the French blog : 06 May 2007


* Arte TV : French and German channel specialized in Art and Culture


Biography :

“ The Stones and Bamboos Mountains», article in “Terrain 26”, March 1996, edited by the French Culture Ministry.

This article is written by Brigitte BAPTANDIER, Research Director in the Laboratory of Ethnology and Sociology at the National Center of Scientific Research in France.



Mountain-Spirits and Korean Ginseng : www.rjkoehler.com

The Stone Bamboo Temple : www.chinatourme.com

The Stone Bamboo Mountain : : www.chinatourme.com



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Hello ! I am Christiane


Today, at the dawn of the New Year, I am very happy to get in touch with you, and I invite you to discover


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Allow me an introduction.

I entered the dream world in 1976, thanks to members and researchers of the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach, USA the ARE. Dreams and their interpretation became my passion.

After 30 years of working with dreams, I began my French blog four years ago, in January 2007.


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Since then, I have presented more than 150 dream interpretations. I have explained how to decipher the message of dreams, in this way teaching  dream interpretation on the web because experience has taught me how helpful dreams can be to guide and counsel us in our daily lives.

However, until now all the  work I have done to promote the value of the dream realm and dream interpretation was available only in French.

Then, two years ago, I gave several conferences in Montreal, Canada,  one of which I presented at the Congress of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. 



There I met Judith Saint Laurent who attended my conferences. Since then, she has been a student of mine, working with me by phone or through Skype, and she attended my dream seminars in France.    

Wanting to participate inthe next IASD Congress in the Netherlands in June 2011, I asked her if she would translate my conferences into English and she accepted.



By the way, throug the IASD I have again come across Scott Sparrow, now Board Member of the Association, who 35 years ago, was involved in researching and writing about dreams at the Edgar Cayce Fondation.

Our paths cross again. What a small world !

Shortly after I asked Judith if she would also translate my  Blog into English, and generously again, she accepted this huge workload ! 


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First I will explain how to proceed to interpret your dream images by yourself, and this through dream examples. From time to time I will give you  a “lesson” in dream interpretation. This way you will be better equipped to understand how I proceed to interpret dreams. Gradually you will also be able to start understanding the images of your dreams.


At first you find :

The dream “Miki and her old buddy” followed by :

Lesson # 1 : “How to interpret the image of a man in a dream


Then you will find :

The little book on dream incubation:

Ch. 1:  What is dream incubation ?

Ch. 2:  How to proceed for dream incubation ?

Ch. 3:  What answer is given to Irina, by her dream, after the incubation ?

Ch. 4:  Irina’s new incubation and her new dream’s answer.

Ch. 5:  Incubation in the ancient civilisations of Antiquity.

Ch. 6:  Incubation among the early Christian people.

Ch. 7:  Helena’s dream on the limit of the incubation.

Ch. 8:  Without incubation what can Helena do ? Such a useless dream !

Ch. 9:  What does the unconscious think about dream incubation ?

Ch 10: When the unconscious refuses to answer a dream incubation…

Ch 11: A question addressed to the dreams themselves : What are the dreams ?

Ch 12: Tonight a dream has come to me…


 All kinds of topics and images, which have already been analyzed and explained in the French blog, will gradually be presented to you in English.





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