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judith saint laurent - Page 3





    Last time we saw how Sylvia is intrigued by her dreams. They know everything of her life, the past, the future and they protect her night after night against the dangers of the life.

    So she finally asks her dreams : What are dreams ? Here is the dream she got :



    Driving my car, I arrive in front of a church.  Mathilda is there waiting for me out front below the stairs.  I step out of the car, she comes towards me with an outreaching hand and having got hold of mine, she takes me into the church.



    Driving my car, I arrive

    Sylvia has a car, which indicates that she has a fast and comfortable way of going forward in life.

    We should note that a car rides on roads built for this purpose, that indicates that the dreamer easily goes forward in life on pre-established pathways same as everyone else. She is not part of those who advance slowly on foot, searching for their own way, surmounting the obstacles of the individual path.




    I arrive in front of a church

    This young woman is not particularly interested in spirituality. She has vaguely heard about Christ, the crucifixion, mass, communion and the Holy Spirit.  For her the church is a building that was erected to greet the divine, to allow everyone to listen within where one can meet Him .


    église 2.JPG

    But in her everyday life Sylvia doesn’t go to church, so the church of her dream does not speak about the external church, but about an interior place.


    So what does this mean in regards to the question asked : what are dreams?

    Dreams are her interior church where she can meet the divinity and commune with It.

    That’s all ! …

    She got an immediate, clear, simple and direct answer.


    But for the time, Sylvia has not yet entered this sacred place. She just arrives in front of this opportunity.




    Mathilda is waiting for me below the stairs

    Mathilda is her dream interpreter. She is aware of this dimension and is waiting for the dreamer to let her discover the interior reality.


    I get out of my car

    However, before being introduced, initiated, Sylvia must get out of her car, give up her habit of following pre-established ways to go forward.

    How that ? She must set her two feet BELOW, DOWN on the ground, be more humble, walk by her own means to meet the dream interpreter.

    Only with this humility she will be able to go UPstairs into the sacred place.


    Mathilda comes towards me with an outreaching hand


    Here the dream insists, it presents to the dreamer the interpreter who offers her help and support. It emphasizes that it is with her, thanks to her that Sylvia will be able to enter the dream path.



    Having got hold of my hand she takes me into the church.

    Mathilda, the interpreter then brings the young woman into her inner church, into her dreamworld within which the divine resides.



    So, Sylvia had asked the incubation question : What are dreams?

    Her dream answered:

    Dreams are the interior church where the sacred encounter between human and divine unfolds.  That’s why dreams are all-knowing, that’s why they are so wise and clairvoyant.  



    Surprising?  Perhaps. 


    Not really, for what have all the old societies preceding us on earth said ? Didn’t they all declare that the dream is the natural channel through which the human soul meets the divine?


    Everywhere one finds the widespread affirmation that dreams give access to another level of consciousness, which surpasses the conscious and grants knowledge that it would not have access to on its own.

    Scientifically today we call this other level of consciousness the unconscious.

    It is a question of vocabulary of course but we must know how others understand that word.  Cultures who differ from ours consider that the unconscious, this other level of consciousness to which dreams give access to, is that of divine forces. That’s how they name it.


    In preceding texts I have shown you that in Antiquity, for all, whether they be Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Jews, or Africans the divine spoke through dreams, whether he was called Yahweh, God or Aesculapius, Jupiter…  And I didn’t speak yet of the Indians of the Americas and of others throughout the world. For them the unconscious is the expression of the divine dimension.

    Sylvia’s dream says the same thing: the dream is the moment of encounter with an interior force, which proves a wisdom beyond our understanding.


    dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint laurent,incubation,divine in the dream,church


    What can the rational say? Could scientific reason be brought to recognize that as far as dreams are concerned it finds itself faced with a dimension with its own laws the rational does not know about, and which extends beyond its competency?

    Could reason accept that rational means have attained their limits regarding the unconscious?  Then, logically and rigorously reason would declare that it can’t say anything except that it finds itself facing a hyper-rational dimension.

    That would be honest !





    I thank the artists for their illustrations listed in order of their presentation :


    Evening at Antiquity, 1908, by the French painter Alphonse Osbert, 1857-1939.


    Pilgrim in a Rocky Valley, 1820,  by the German artist Carl Gustav Carus

    The Cathedral, by the German artist Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840)

    The Cathedral, by the German artist Friedrich Schinkel (1781-1841)

    Hand in hand : liloo.citations.skyrock.com

    Mystery of the Nignt, by Alphone Osbert

    Moonlight, 1896, by the French artist Alphonse Osbert, 1857-1939








    Sylvia is lucky, her friend Mathilda is one of the dream interpreters I have trained and so Sylvia often asks her to analyze her dreams…, and following this she has been encountering some intriguing experiences.


    dream,dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint laurent,dream incubation,incubation:what are dreams

    For example how could Mathilda know that Sylvia had forgotten to take her pill ?  Mathilda didn’t know but the dream she interpreted knew it and came immediately to warn the dreamer of her omission.

    Did Mathilda know the future when, following the interpretation of a dream, she suggested that her friend leave her boyfriend Bernard before he leaves her ?

    Mathilda does not see into the future, but the dream does :


    Sylvia dreams :

    I see a beautiful blond woman in a swimming pool. I suddenly see her being “taken from behind” by her boyfriend and she leaves immediately after.


    dream, dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint laurent,dream incubation,incubation:what are dreams , 


    Mathilda warns Sylvia, represented by the beautiful blond, that Bernard is going to play behind her back, probably dump her for another woman. Sylvia should leave him immediately before he leaves her.


    And what happens ?

    Sylvia doesn’t listen to her dream, she is in love and wants to stay with her boyfriend. Two weeks later she faces the humiliating fact that he has preferred to share his bed with another girl.


    dream, dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint laurent,dream incubation,incubation:what are dreams ,

    Now let’s again consider the “benevolence” of dreams

    Sylvia is unhappy at work and wants to quit her job. She would like to have a dream to guide her, but she knows that Mathilda is absent at that time, so she could not interpret it. Sylvia wonders what she should do. So she asks for a short, clear, simple dream that she can understand on her own. 

    Her question is :

    - Tomorrow, should I tell my boss that I want to quit ?


    Her dream

    All night Sylvia hears the famous German singer Lafee singing her disco song “Shut up, shut up, shut up!”


    dream, dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint laurent,dream incubation,incubation:what are dreams , 


    So she understands that she shouldn’t say anything !


    So, the next day Sylvia doesn’t say anything. In the afternoon her boss tells her that the company is closing shop for two weeks and the employees will be on put on paid vacation. Having not been with the company long enough to warrant this, Sylvia is nonetheless given a paid vacation like all the others.  If she had quit, she would not have gotten this “bonus”.  She quit after her vacation.


    How about that !  How can dreams know?

    It’s too much” how they know past and future !  It’s really amazing how they prove to be right  !

    Sylvia then decides to ask her dreams a question :

    - What are dreams?


    We will see the answer next time.

    Meanwhile do you remember Nathalie’s incubation (Chapter 2; 02/16/ 2011) :  She made the same inquiry as Sylvia. She was so astonished by her dreams that she asked them several questions one night.

    - My dreams, who are you ?

    - Is it God answering in dreams ?

    - And even does  God exist ? 

    dream, dream interpretation,christiane riedel,judith saint laurent,dream incubation,incubation:what are dreams ,  


    I thank the artists for their illustrations listed in order of their presentation :

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