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    Dear blog friends,

    Here I am, as promised, happy to enter the exciting adventure with dreams and with you.
    To begin with, I have chosen a theme that is particularly close to everyone's heart at the moment: ecology.

    Christiane has set out what dreams have to say about it in six successive and exciting articles, which I can't wait to share with you.
    Here is the first one, which she published on 27th September 2019 on the French Blog. Let us have a look at what Christiane says:


    Today I am addressing a topical subject: I am referring to the planetary catastrophe, caused, for some, by air pollution, for others, by the pollution of land and seas, and many other reasons.

    For months, on all sides, people in congresses and in the media have become agitated. The alarm is general, everyone swings into action, we demonstrate, we burst into tears, we accuse governments of a shameful inertia.

    Faced with this general panic, we could still ask ourselves a question:

    - What is the position of the unconscious on this subject?

    And further questions:

    - The unconscious being so benevolent, does it maybe even send dreams that would offer solutions? Why not?

    - So what are the dreams that could enlighten us ?

    - In these welcome dreams, could we discover one or more permanent features that would allow us to venture a few coherent and probable deductions?

    Furthermore we can wonder if psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, psychologists, psychotherapists have studied the subject? Do they give an answer? Unfortunately, I am not aware of it.


    For my part, therefore, as a dream interpreter, I immersed myself in research. My efforts were not in vain. Some dreams in fact came back to me.

    I would like to submit three of them to you, which deal with the calamities that threaten the earth. We will see if these dreams have any points in common and could provide an answer to the prevailing distress.


    Today I am presenting you the first one.

    This dream was received eleven years ago, in summer 2009. It was about the great catastrophe announced for 2012.

    In the following lines, I will study this dream step by step to show you how to practice the interview technique. I hope this long text does not put you off. The end is worth it.




    2012 End of the world.jpg


    In 2009, everyone is predicting a cataclysm for 2012. This is one more prediction that comes on top of all sorts of predictions of doom for 2012, in a list that has been growing for centuries:


    What are these predictions?

    - Harmful conjunction of the planets, as astrologers periodically establish.

    - Pole reversal as indicated by clairvoyant Edgar Cayce in the last century.

    - Dire prophecy of the Virgin Mary who appeared at La Salette in 1846, who announced the end times with tears.

    - As for Nostradamus, it is said that five centuries ago he unveiled the end of the world for our days.

    - Before him, almost 2000 years ago, St John the Apostle, inspired on the island of Patmos in Asia Minor, predicted this end of the world, in his Revelation, the last book of the Bible.

    - And long before that, the Mayans in South America calculated this end of the world in their calendar, which ends in 2012.

    Everyone was wondering if in 2012 the earth's poles would reverse, a comet would explode the planet, an atomic bomb destroy our world, a monstrous plague destroy humanity.

    And the dreams were talking about it too!


    When they speak of it, should they be considered as prophecies of global significance or should we interpret them at the symbolic level, thus limiting them to the individual level?

    The question is a serious one and deserves our attention. So let's see.

    Marina received in 2009 a dream about this that seemed very premonitory. Intrigued, worried, she confided it to me. Here it is:



    In my dream, I was with an astrologer. She was telling me that in 2012 a missile was going to destroy the world, the earth. It was a missile sent by the North Koreans. I thought philosophically that this would bring about a revival, but I was still very anxious.


    Working method

    The dream is apparently very clear. Should we then take it literally, concretely? Does it, too, really forecast the final catastrophe in the outside world, caused by a war with North Korea?

    Any truly professional interpreter knows that a dream must be examined on the outer and inner level, on the objective and subjective level. The serious interpreter will therefore be careful not to decide on it immediately and will always examine the dream according to the two levels, the two hypotheses.


    On the outer level

    If the meaning of the dream is to be taken literally and not symbolically, I have nothing to translate. It only remains for me to honestly announce this dream on my blog as a prophecy (which would have proven wrong as we can tell it in 2020!). But before choosing this first direct and easy interpretation, it is also essential to proceed methodically to the analysis on the inner, symbolic level.


    Inner level analysis. For this you need to ...

    1) Study the pictures one after the other and see if they might have an individual symbolic meaning.

    2) Rigorously check that the interpretation of each image corresponds coherently to the experience of the dreamer.

    3) If this correspondence cannot be established, it is because this second interpretation at the symbolic level is not appropriate. Then, and only then, can we adopt the literal interpretation, on the outer level.

    This requires first and foremost a methodical analytical work, to which we will now commit ourselves.


    Symbolic interpretation on the inner level

    Let's take a look at the different symbols.

    An astrologer

    For Marina, the astrologer examines the movement of the planets, which influence our planet Earth. In doing so, she can deduce and date the events that will take place at the collective or individual level; she is thus in charge of foreseeing the lives of humans.

    What does the astrologer symbolise in Marina?

    After a moment's reflection, Marina considers that this astrologer, with her faculties of seeing the future, designates the dream, which from the events of a lifetime is able to predict its continuation. The unconscious indeed has the knowledge of natural and universal laws.

    And what do the earth and the planets represent at the symbolic level?

    - The earth, says the young woman, is where I live, the world around me.

    Interview question:

    - How is the earth?

    - She is beautiful, but she is in pain, humans are destroying her.


    Earth suffering.jpg


    I then ask:

    - Marina, what does that make you think about right now, inside you, this beautiful world in pain?

    The young woman looks at me and answers:

    - Inside me? It is I who is suffering at this moment, in my being, in my body, my friend has just left me.


    My heart could but ache at hearing this.

    I continue my investigation:

    - And what are the planets?

    - These are bodies that are part of the solar system, they carry the names of the ancient gods, we can see them at night.

    And Marina immediately interprets:

    - Ah yes, I understood: inside me, the planets, they are bodies like the Earth, they are the beings who live in my space and exert an influence in my life. These planets, which bear the names of the gods, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, these are the men I have seen at night.

    Venus is love, and I, with my body, am planet Earth.


    young woman Serge Marschenikov.jpg


    Now we have to recapitulate and make sense of it. I suggest :

    - The astrologer would therefore be the unconscious within you that speaks to you in your dreams. At this time, when you are in pain because your friend has left you, the subconscious comes to help you and gives you a consultation. He has the faculty of anticipating, he knows how to predict the future according to the movements of men in your environment. He's coming to warn you of an impending catastrophe. Does this interpretation suit you?

    Marine nods and exclaims:

    - Well! The forecasts are hardly encouraging!

    Let's take a look at the rest:


    - 2012 is three years away, Marina tells me. It would be the end of the world, it's something terrible that everyone dreads.

    And without waiting for my summary and my questions, she makes the logical deductions herself:

    - It would therefore be the end of my current life, the end of this life where men, like planets, appear and disappear at night, leaving me in pain.

    - Yes, no matter how philosophically you say in your dream that afterwards it will be a new world, the event is still a total desaster in your personal life. This is not to be taken lightly.

    Let's take a very close look at your dream. What does the unconscious astrologer tell you?

    The earth will be destroyed by a Korean missile.




    A missile

    - It is a weapon of attack or defence, the dreamer explains to me, it is meant to annihilate the enemy. It is sent by air. Its repercussions are terrifying, they destroy everything.

    I take up these explanations again to bring out their symbolic significance.

    - Marina, this weapon is sent by the air, it is therefore located at the level of thought, it represents terrifying defence arguments, which destroy your land, the life of your body as a woman. Does this make you think of something, at this moment of break-up with your friend?

    - Oh dear! Yes! When I met Yvan, I immediately got things straight. He's twelve years younger than me. I have my child, but he doesn't accept it. I'm willing to have a love relationship so we can enjoy good times together, but nothing more. There is no question of predictions or plans, of talking about tomorrow. I don't offer him anything to build a life together. I think these are the arguments, the missiles with which I attacked Yvan right away, so as not to build anything definitive with him or with another.


    I continue:

    - The dream gives you precision with the Koreans. Who are they?

    Korean people

    - North Korea is currently under a crazy dictatorship, explains Marina. The leaders have a taste for power and omnipotence. They forbid any intrusion into their country, people live locked up and in misery.

    I exclaim!

    - But Marina, do you hear what you are saying? Do you see what you are imposing on yourself? Do you see the dictator in you? You forbid yourself any contact with the outside world, you are afraid of being invaded, you live locked up, blocked, because you want to dominate everything. You are afraid of having to consider others in your territory.

    What is the result?

    You will never be able to build anything with the intruder that is a man in a woman's life, this possible enemy who might just as easily become a friend.

    - Yes, I understand, says the dreamer. I threaten my life as a woman with arbitrary and destructive arguments that dissuade the men around me and destroy any attempt at a love relationship.


    Elettra Vettriano.jpg


    I pick up the dream again:

    - You see very well what is happening, and if you continue like this, in a while, it will be a catastrophe, like 2012, it will be the end of your life as a woman, you will completely destroy your land, your body, your love life.

    You have to ask yourself why you received such a dream. Isn't it to warn you that it is extremely urgent that you change your way of life, you have to reconsider your relationship with men, your conception of love relationships.

    - I realise that, Marina sighed. I'm over forty, now I need a relationship where I am committed, where I can make room for the man, and not just for the bed. I have to learn not to want to dominate any more, to accept that the relationship is not exactly the way I want it, even though it hurts. It's true, I understand that I have to make concessions, to learn to be conciliatory in order to build a bond with a man.


    Proposal Vettriano.jpg


    What to say to Marina in conclusion?

    - You have received a dream that is a serious warning for your personal life. It is a disaster scenario. That is to say, if you continue to behave the way you are behaving, you will destroy your life as a woman before long. But this is only one possible perspective. It is up to you to change the terms.



    2012. Does this dream herald the end of the world, the end of humanity? Well no!

    The planet Earth of the dream symbolizes the dreamer's body.

    The dream uses the threat of 2012 to represent an inner situation and to make the young woman aware of the danger she runs with her will to dominate her life according to her tyrannical ideas.

    This, my blog friends, is what we should remember about a disaster scenario. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, bombings, planes crashing in your dreams, atomic explosions are not premonitory in the usual sense.

    If you receive this kind of dream, well, you must you must come to terms with the fact that you are neither clairvoyant nor medium and that your dream does not entrust you with a prophecy for humanity.

    Frequently, the dream of total upheaval does not speak of a general plague, which would fall upon humans. This dream is individual and concerns you first and foremost. It warns you that a disastrous event may occur in your life if you are not careful. It is the role of the dream to help the dreamer to become aware of his or her alarming situation and to change his or her behaviour accordingly. This is a fact that has been known for thousands of years, even if our mentality has forgotten it or does not want to know it.



    I now invite you to ask yourself a question:

    Would there be a relationship between the outside world and the inside world?

    Could the quality of our outer earthly environment be related to the quality of our inner life, which the alchemists called "our inner earth", whose other name is the unconscious?

    Would our outer earth be sick because our inner earth, our unconscious, is mistreated?

    It must be understood that as far as the unconscious is concerned, this is the other part of our life, the other half, ignored, despised or exploited. Can we unduly, with impunity, reject the unconscious life, the life of the body, the instinctive dimension of our being?

    This dream clearly indicates that what we experience on the inside has an influence on the world around us. The rejection of our instinctive inner earth can cause damage in our concrete outer life.

    Another dream awaits you soon on my blog.

    See you soon



    Next time, I will tell you what dreams advice to save the planet ...

    Expect surprises! ...


    Waltzes Vettriano.jpg


    I would like to thank the painters and photographers, whose works enabled me to illustrate my blog.

    - 2012: https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/

    - The earth is suffering: https://la--terre--et--nous.skyrock.com/2634870722-Respire-et-souffre.html

    - Young woman: painting by contemporary Russian artist Serge Marschenikov


    - Missile: http://www.wallpaperup.com/23890/manipulation_apocalyptic_paris_invasion_destruction_cities_fire_flames_missile_smoke_cg_digital-art.html

    - The following three paintings are by contemporary Scottish artist Jack Vettriano.

    Elettra: http://elettra.eklablog.fr/

    The proposal: http://tillart.co.uk/

    Waltzes: http://prints.co.nz/


    This dream interpretation was published on the French blog on 27th September 2019: http://christiane-riedel.blogspirit.com/archive/2019/09/27/menace-de-catastrophe-planetaire-3142066.html

  • Happy to get back in touch with you !


    Hi, dear Blog friends,

    what a joy for me to get back in touch with you after my long absence since 2013!

    After the 2013 summer holidays, I was coming back to my normal activities when in October I received a dream that shook me.

    Dream: "That's enough! You need time for your book!"

    In my dream, I'm cooking food. It is crowded, and I work a lot in the kitchen and at the table to feed people. My father arrives. He is my father and even better. He has huge shoulders. He says to me in an imperative and almost unhappy tone:
    - That's enough! Enough of preparing food for the others! Enough of your feeding others! You need time for your book!

    I woke up stunned, happy, grateful. I decided to stop all my activities where "I fed others", to have time to write a book. For this book had been waiting for a long time. The publisher of the Piktos house had asked me in 2007 to write a book whose title could be: "The Therapeutic Dream". It took me 7 years of work to accumulate the material and reach the maturity necessary to write it and explain with dreams the highly therapeutic process of alchemy.

    This book, Ces rêves qui vous protègent et vous guérissent (These dreams that protect and heal you), was written in 2013 and 2014 and was published in 2015.


    Ces rêves qui vous protègent et vous guérissent.jpg


    Today, seven years later, I come back to you enriched by years of experience with dreams, consultations, non-stop workshops and training seminars, blog, conferences, newspaper articles, interviews in the media... And also...

    A great joy...

    ... Marianne, one of my students, who speaks not only German but also English, has agreed to revive the English blog and to take over the translations of my articles.

    I am talking about the very charming Marianne, here she is!


    Marianne Schertenleib.jpg


    Hi everyone!

    I am Marianne Schertenleib, a German teacher here in France. I teach students who attend the two-year highly selective classes to prepare for the competitive exams to the "Grandes Ecoles". I have earned a Master of Arts in German Studies and a Master of Education, both from the Ecole Normale Superieure (Lyon).

    I have been interested in dreams since childhood, because I am a sleepwalker, which led to many funny situations! Although I have always been very impressed by the power of dreams, I only discovered recently (in 2015) that dreams have a meaning and a message.

    In March 2020, I started studying dream interpretation with Christiane Riedel after reading her book Ces rêves qui vous protègent et vous guérissent (These dreams that protect and heal you). I realised that this approach would allow me to bring together many of my passions: text analysis, translation (but this time not from German to French, but from dream symbols to words), my interest in psychology, my desire to help others who confide in me and my search for the Divine.

    I am now very happy to translate Christiane's blog articles into English, because I think that her meticulous work can be useful to many people around the world!

    Let me tell you how helpful it has been for me!

    When I met Christiane, I suffered from depression. As soon as I started studying my dreams, they embarked me on an incredible alchemical process of transformation: in the course of this process, the dreams advised me for instance to work less, to make love more often, to do more sport, to stop meditating and doing yoga, to defend myself instead of always being the nice girl and to accept the bitter experiences of life because they are fortifying.

    After three months, I had recovered my smile and laughter, my joie de vivre, I was devouring life to the full, and I immediately agreed to translate the articles of Christiane's French blog for her English blog.

    It is a great joy for me to present my translations to you. I will deliver the first one to you very soon and look forward to getting back to you.

    In the passion of dreams I am friendly yours,



    reverie de Mucha.jpg



    "Rêverie" ("Dreaming") by the Czech painter Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939), who lived in Paris during the Art Nouveau period, in the early twentieth century: https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/660199626598174579/