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Dear blog friends,
Although we are all caught up in the hectic last moment preparations for the holiday season, we wanted to send you our best wishes for a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We are looking forward to communicating with you again through our blog to continue the narration of dream adventures.
Christiane and Judith



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Nativity by Octavo Ocampo



Christiane’s dream or a dream answering a question without incubation


rosee 3.jpg


Hi ! This is Christiane, the author of the blog.

A dream came to visit me last night. In the morning it offered its pearls of dew on the meadow of my memory.

At dawn, I wandered barefoot in the grass, I gathered the fresh liqueur of its images and I savored it.


rosee 2.jpg


To day, I would like to share it with you.

My dream 

I am on the mountain sitting on the ground, alone by the side of a dirt road.  I am looking at the scenery, the mountains, the wide valley, the cloudless sky.  All is green and peaceful.




I hear someone singing in the sky.  He’s not heard much but he’s heard. He sings for the whole valley and the mountain.  He sings Bach or Mozart.

He’s a young man, a soldier dressed in green.  He’s sitting on something, suspended to something that we don’t see, that we don’t hear. This way he moves forward over the valley between the mountains.  It’s very surprising, it draws attention, it’s beautiful, it doesn’t impose itself but once seen, once heard, it is unforgettable.

And these last words fill me with gentle, serene joy.




I am on the mountain sitting on the ground, alone by the side of a dirt road.

The mountain :

for me, life on the mountain can be very harsh, but the beauty of nature affords daily wonderment.




The mountain is green, covered with grass.

 For me, grass represents dreams, as it renews itself permanently, naturally.


rosée herbe.jpg



Does this description mean anything to me, what does it  remind me of?

This image corresponds exactly to my daily life which is not always easy, but I’m filled with wonder when I see “Nature’s know how”.  So this image adequately describes my everyday life devoted to inner life and dreams.


Sitting on the ground, alone by the side of a dirt road.

I am quite alone in this study of dreams and  I pause by the roadside, I rest a while along my path.


montagne verte.jpg 

I am looking at the scenery

The dream invites me to look at my life dedicated to dreams, so that I become more conscious of it. Why am I invited to look around and  let my eyes wander ?

Since dreams often make comments about the day before, I ask myself :

- What happened yesterday that the dream wants me to see ?

Surely the sight before my eyes  must reveal it.

What does this remind me of in view of my dedication to the study of dreams?... I don’t know.


I hear someone singing in the sky.  He’s a young man, a soldier dressed in green.

A young man :

is dynamic way to affirm oneself in life.  He is capable of undertaking enterprises to which he will devote most of his energy.

A soldier :

for me is a courageous man, willing to give up his own life to defend freedom, as so many French and foreign soldiers did in the last two world wars to liberate France, my country.

noGaudry26mai1915 soldat.jpg

He wears a uniform, he belongs to an order he has chosen, he doesn’t allow himself to go astray and he abides by a certain discipline.

 Dressed in green : 

For me it’s the color of the forest, of the unconscious.  This green is also the color that doctors wear in the operating room. With this detail the dream indicates that this singing soldier is practicing a therapeutic activity.


médecin vert.jpg

 Using the interview method, I ask myself :

- What does all this description remind me of, in my interior or my exterior world, at this time in a life dedicated to dreams?  That man is myself, I know that I am a soldier in the army of dreams, fighting for inner freedom. For years my dreams have repeatedly told me so.  The unconscious is the victim of so much disorder, abuse and violence, we massacre so many facets of ourselves by excluding them from our lives. All racist crimes, all genocides, all cruelty against animals in the exterior world are first committed in our interior world, within ourselves, by ourselves, on ourselves and our instincts, and consequently they happen in the outer world.

That is what the soldier in the army of dreams, the interpreter, is battling against. 

Yes, the dream interpreter is truly a soldier who defends the freedom of each individual’s inner world, the unconscious, which is so ignored, repressed and denied ;  Truly in this way the interpret is creating freedom and peace in the outer world.

So this dream is talking about me, it is asking me to become aware of what I’m doing.

 The soldier sings, he sings Bach or Mozart

From the point of view of the dream, when I express myself, it’s a song from within that comes up and I’m astonished at being told by the dreams that I’m singing Bach or Mozart.  Yes, it’s true I am singing a sacred song when I interpret a dream.


chant Michael-Chance.jpg

He’s not heard much but he’s heard.  He sings for the whole valley and the mountain.

The dream underlines that my words are not heard much but still that doesn’t keep me from singing.


The soldier is sitting on something, hanging from something that we don’t see, that we don’t hear. This way he moves forward over the valley between the mountains.

What is it that the dream wants to express when it puts me in such a position ?




 Where do I find myself like that, in the air, in an immaterial realm singing for the whole mountain and the whole valley, singing without knowing who can hear me ? Oh ! It’s on my blog !                                                                                                                                                                                                 My dream is talking to me about my work on my blog !                                                                                          Such a thoughtful attention !  It brings tears to my eyes.

Now I understand : yesterday I was asking myself all kinds of questions :                                                                                                                                                                                  - Do the interventions on my blog serve any purpose ?                                                                                                         - - Is all the work I do with dreams useful ?                                                                                                            - Is it adequate to say that dreams are the expression of the divine in every one of us, as I have shown in ch.10 with the dream of the cat in the café, and in ch.11 with Sylvia’s dream? 


eglise stpierre.jpg

                                                                                                                                                                                            - -Won’t I scare away those who do not want to hear about divinity in man ? - Isn’t this the best way to turn them away from dreams? 

- Is my tone appropriate?

 Answering all my questions, my doubts, my worries, the dream came to reassure me, to let me know what it thinks of my blog :

It’s very surprising, it draws attention, it’s beautiful, it doesn’t impose itself but once you discover it, you hear it and it remains with you.

The dream left me with those last words, filling me with profound joy and serenity.

joie douce et sereine.JPG



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