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What better way to start the New Year than with a good cup of coffee, hot and strong, to get you back on your feet, to step into the new year with lots of guts, and to live the joys and difficulties of everyday life to the fullest!




- A little coffee, you might say, Ok, that's not hard to do!

- Are you sure? Have you ever thought about the enormous amount of work involved?

- Oh really? What do you mean?

- Well, first you have to pick the beans,


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then dry them, roast them, grind them and finally pour water over the powder. Then a beautiful golden and fragrant beverage is poured.

- Well, if you like, you can say it's a piece of work!

- Ah! Here you go! It's like a dream interpretation!

- Pardon? What do you mean?

- Look: in an article on my blog, I have analysed in detail the coffee symbol according to the Dream Interview Method of Dr Gayle Delaney, which I have been practicing for 40 years (1); now, to make it simple, I give you here the results of the study of this metaphor :
- when I want to interpret a dream, I collect the symbols, it's like picking the coffee beans, then,
- when I examine these beans with the dryness of my rational intellect, it is as if I am drying them out;
- then I pass them through the fire, looking at them with a fiery ardour and it is as if I were roasting them.

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- Then, when I dissect, analyse the symbol, it's as if I'm grinding the grain; and finally,
- the result of the analysis does not leave me in a state of cold indifference, on the contrary, I look at it with a warm feeling, this is what hot water means, water symbolising feelings, hot water symbolising warm feelings.
- And then a beverage appears, the meaning of the dream, the interpretation-coffee, ready to be savoured.
What a job, isn't it!

- Hum... Listen, Christiane, your whole parallel between dream interpretation and coffee to start the year, it may be nice, but you see, I prefer champagne! It's transparent, it's iced and it fizzes! Now that's an experience!




- Oh my, dear friend! You couldn't say it better ! So allow me to share your opinion with enthusiasm, precisely because champagne is a bit like coffee!

- Ah! But you're giving me that again?

- You bet I am! You'll see: you pick grapes like coffee beans,




you crush the grapes as you grind the coffee beans, you filter it and you get this clear and golden, fizzy and cheerful nectar, which offers those sparkling air bubbles that you love.
So, you see, champagne and coffee both symbolise the process of interpreting a dream, with all the work involved.
But you know, it's not me saying it, it's the dreams themselves! (1) And in dreams, the same metaphor also applies to wine, chocolate or beer, for example.

- Uh-oh! Very good! And the champagne bubbles? What do you say about them?



- It's air, isn't it, it's air included in matter, it's spirit that sparkles in interpretation, Spirit with a capital S. Some messages in dreams really offer the effervescence of Spirit, of Divinity. You will find many examples of this on my blog (2).

- Ah dear Christiane! With your sense of metaphor you could impress me!

But all the same, you made me understand how the making of coffee and champagne can be a metaphor for the interpretation of dreams, and above all you made me glimpse the long work involved in interpretation.

- That's really nice! Thank you, thank you for your appreciation!

So, live the dreams, live the dreamers, live the dream interpretations, live the new year, and live the dream interpreters!


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Dear friends,

This is New Year's Eve and the time has come to wish you a happy start in 2021.

I wish you good health, a sturdy morale, the joy of living and the happiness of existing, of loving your friends and family and loving people around you. I also wish you in the background, as dreams recommend, the healthy joy of saying from time to time what you think, of denouncing, even in anger, what seems wrong to you. Paradoxically, right anger does so much good! You know, I have shown and demonstrated several times on my blog what dreams say about it. (3)

Well, after this committed and somewhat incorrect statement, Marianne joins me in sending you our sincere and warm wishes,

With all our hearts

Christiane and Marianne


Translated by Marianne




(1) Dreams, coffee, champagne

- Coffee


- (French)

- (French)

- Champagne

- (French)


(2) Manifestations of the Spirit, of the Divine in dreams


- (French)


You will find several examples in the study "Why Easter" of 26 March 2016:


At the end of the study you will find a list of 38 dreams studied on my French blog, where an image of the divine appears.


(3) Dreams and anger

- (French)

- (French)

- (French)

- (French)

Good news: These articles about anger are soon to be translated into English!



I would like to thank the artists who allowed me to illustrate my blog:

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Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream, painting by German artist Peter von Cornelius (1783-1867):

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